By Werner K. Noell (auth.), Theodore P. Williams, B. N. Baker (eds.)

" ... And the night and the morning have been the 3rd day ... And God made nice lighting fixtures; the better mild to rule the day and the lesser mild to rule the evening ... And the night and the morning have been the fourth day." the 1st booklet of Moses, known as Genesis (1: 13,16,19). there has been sunlight hours and evening ahead of there has been a sunlight or a moon. a fascinating notion: How lengthy have been each one of these first 3 days? and not using a solar to reckon its size, an afternoon might have been longer or shorter than 24 hours. Animals, says Genesis, seemed at the 5th day and by way of that point the solar and moon have been illuminating the earth, most likely in cyclic model and with a interval of 24 hours. an exceptional factor, too, as readers of this monograph will as­ sure. The papers accrued into this quantity are written types of forty five minute talks given at a symposium on "The results of continuing mild on visible Processes", held on the Florida country college in Tallahassee on April 25-27, 1979. The convention was once supported through the Psychobiology software and dealt with, logistically, through the guts for pro improvement and Public providers. It used to be famous that obstacles on time and cash made prohibitive the invitation of others who might be doing fascinating and similar paintings. yet, our earnest desire is that what's compiled here's a stable mix of "true" light-damage and "relevant similar" work.

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05 ~g/day) effectively reversed the protection afforded by OVEX, but daily administration of larger, pharmacologic dosages (100 ~g/day) significantly reduced the retinal damage, even more than by OVEX alone. Progesterone, another ovarian hormone was ineffective in modifying photoreceptor damage, either alone or in combination with estradiol. Therefore, estradiol may be considered to affect the susceptibility of retinal photoreceptors to damage by light exposure. The results led to the speculation that estrogen might directly regulate protein synthesis in the retina through activation of specific steroid receptor sites or indirectly control the induction or regulation of a retinal enzyme system during sexual maturation, as has been demonstrated by others in areas of the central nervous sytem (59).

At that time, animals were divided into a first group which received 1000 ~g unlabeled estradiol benzoate i/p 30 minutes prior to an i/p injection of tritiated 6,7- 3H estradiol and a second group which was administered the alcohol vehicle 30 minutes prior to the isotope. Two hours later at autopsy following decapitation, the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and a small sample of parietal cerebral cortex were removed from each frozen brain. After removal of the cornea and lens from each eye, the retina were gently extruded by ocular pressure.

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