By Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

The Practices to growth ordinarily Practices
The directions are the Seal of the traditional Masters belonging to Cycle of Oral Dzogchen Teachings from Zhang Zhung

According to the lessons and Transmissions of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche given in summer season 1998 in Austria

These teachings are vitally important and crucial. the way in which we're operating with those teachings now's
an chance which doesn't ensue quite often. after all you could visit varied retreats and choose up teachings. however the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü is a educating that exists in simple terms in a single position and it's not effortless to get.

You may possibly get items, yet receiving the total is especially infrequent. we must always continue that during brain. Receiving teachings and initiations isn't too tricky simply because loads of Lamas come, however the chance to keep on with whatever very heavily like this isn't effortless to obtain.

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When they are balanced the higher levels are balanced, too, and the lower levels, which are mental activities like the emotions, are balanced, too. That is the reason why we practise. al Mepa Ku (spros bral me pa sku). This is something related with the A. symbolising the unchanging body; OM symbolises the unceasing quality (ma ·gags pal ·gags pa med pa}, which is 28 The Experiential Transmission of Drugyalwa Yungdrung located at the throat. Therefore this unceasing energies are also used in the dream practice.

But when you have the right relation to the syllable, that comes from understanding the syllable, then you have one hundred per cent effect. It is very important here in the West to develop a relationship to syllables. For example, the syllable A: if you practice Dzogchen, you cannot avoid the A, in bookstores, everywhere. You see it, you wear it, you read it. But after all, what does it mean? Do you feel, when seeing A, like meeting an old friend? If this is the case, then it is helpful. To remember what it represents is very important.

When they come together they transform into many pink Thigles and start ascending the central channel. the same as in the practices explained before. There you change your posture by putting your palms between your knees. Keep your spine straight. and hold your breath. To go up you say HUNG nine times and you shake your body until the Thigles have come up to the throat level and everything is filled with Thigles. Then say PHAT nine times, and during the last three PHATs the light and all the energy penetrates through the top of your head.

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