By Giovanni Maciocia CAc(Nanjing)

"For the scholar or practitioner of chinese language medication it is a definitive textual content book." Reviewed by means of Jim younger on behalf of, Aug 2015

  • 25th Anniversary variation of the Western world’s best-selling e-book on chinese language medication!
  • Logical, sequential association builds from easy theoretical options, via services of person organs, prognosis, pathology, development attractiveness & ailment different types, and the precise use of acupuncture points
  • Clearly explains the speculation and perform of chinese language medication to Western scientific audiences
  • Based on a special and helpful mix of intensive medical event within the West, present chinese language drugs textbooks and historic resources, particularly, the ‘Yellow Emperor’s vintage of inner Medicine’ (Nei Jing) and the ‘Classic of problems’ (Nan Jing)
  • Includes Pinyin equivalents to make it instantly obvious which unique time period is being translated
  • Abundantly illustrated with over 750 line drawings and greater than a thousand tables & containers designed to stress the major proof
  • End of chapter studying Outcomes indicate ‘must-know’ details
  • Cases Studies and Case Histories follow idea to analysis and remedy, bringing the topic to existence in a pragmatic context
  • An extensive Glossary explains new phrases and their origins from translation
  • Additional Appendices checklist Prescriptions, Bibliography and Chinese Chronology
  • Authored by means of Giovanni Maciocia, one of many Western world's best subject material experts
  • An accompanying EVOLVE site offers over 650 self-testing questions and solutions to aid readers money their realizing of usually complicated information
  • New Case Histories support ‘bring the topic to life’
  • Expanded topic region insurance together with new medical guidance and extra acupuncture element mixtures
  • Contains extra research of acupuncture element actions
  • Innovative instructions relief scholars studying chinese language drugs patterns

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This symbol is called the ‘Supreme Ultimate’ (Tai Ji) and it represents well the interdependence of Yin and Yang. The main points of this interdependence are: • Although they are opposite cyclical stages or opposite states of density of matter, Yin and Yang form a unity and are complementary • Yang contains the seed of Yin and vice versa. This is represented by the small black and white spots • Nothing is totally Yin or totally Yang • Yang changes into Yin and vice versa Four aspects of Yin–Yang relationship The main aspects of the Yin–Yang relationship can be summarized into four: • Opposition of Yin and Yang • Interdependence of Yin and Yang • Mutual consuming of Yin and Yang • Intertransformation of Yin and Yang The opposition of Yin and Yang 1 Yin and Yang are either opposite stages of a cycle or opposite states of aggregation of matter as explained above.

31. 10. , p. 77–78. 11. , p. 32. 12. , p. 42–43. 13. Lao Zi, Library of Chinese Classics, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1999, p. 73. 17 This page intentionally left blank PART 1 The Five Elements Key contents The Five Elements in Nature Nature of the Five Elements The Five Elements interrelationships Application of the Five Elements to Chinese medicine Together with the theory of Yin–Yang, the theory of the Five Elements constitutes the basis of Chinese medical theory. The term ‘Five Elements’ has been used by most Western practitioners of Chinese medicine for a long time.

These are supposed to symbolize all possible phenomena of the universe, and therefore show how all phenomena ultimately depend on the two poles of Yin and Yang. 2 Many schools of thought arose during the Utmost Yin Yang within Yin Warring States period (476–221 bc), and the Yin– Yang school was one of them. 350–270 bc). The school is sometimes also called the Naturalist School because it set out to interpret Nature in a positive way and to use natural laws to man’s advantage, not through attempting to control and subdue Nature (as in modern Western science), but by acting in harmony with its laws.

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