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Within the past due Sixties, Eliot Wigginton and his scholars created the journal Foxfire with a purpose to checklist and safeguard the conventional folks tradition of the Southern Appalachians. this is often the unique ebook compilation of Foxfire fabric which introduces Aunt Arie and her contemporaries and comprises log cabin development, hog dressing, snake lore, mountain crafts and nutrition, and "other affairs of simple living."

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With a crosscut saw, cut a large (at least two feet in diameter), straight-grained oak into lengths that match the distance between the centers of the sleepers. If the sleepers are set on four-foot centers, for example, cut the oak trunk into four-foot lengths. Using the axe, locust wedges, and maul, split the trunk into quarters and then halve each quarter. Remove the heart and the bark. Then, using a froe, mallet, and board brake, and the same process used for making shingles ("boards") for the roof, split out two-inch thick puncheons, or floorboards.

The planks for the subfloor may be used as long as you wish, spanning several sleepers at the same time. Their lengths should be such, however, that each end is supported by a sleeper at all times. C 1. Sleepers are sometimes set on two-foot centers. 2. If the tops of the sills have been left round, a round notch is usually cut in the end of each sleeper so it will fit the sill's rounded surface (Plate 58). When this is the case, the sleepers are cut long so %EE, PLATE 54 PLATE 55 PLATE 56 These sleepers are lap-jointed at each end to fit the sills.

If the boards have a slight twist, they can be "bumped," or the high places shaved off with an axe. Bill is making the boards in this photograph for Roy Thompson who is building a log cabin. ) PLATE 34 Bill shows how the boards can be mounted on a roof. 52 THE FOXFIRE BOOK DRILLING HOLES The only tool needed is an auger, or gimlet. Holes were made with an auger (Plate 35). Pegs to fill the holes were cut from one-inch wide locust boards as shown in Plate 36. DRESSING The tools needed are a drawing knife and a shaving horse.

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