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This quantity bargains quite a number Papers bearing on Archaeological And Linguistic methods To A examine Of The Emergence Of Indo-Aryan audio system within the moment Millennium B.C. the purpose Of The Papers Is to stipulate Avenues To an answer Of challenge instead of to supply For The options Themselves.

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The first of these tasks is accomplished with reference to material culture, the second proceeds by a comparison of the spatial-temporal paramétrés revealed by archaeology with that offered by linguistics. Our work will not be complete, however, until the postulated migrations are set within the broader framework of the cultural evo lution of Central Asian societies or - should no migrations be identified - until alternative explanations are offered for the spread of Indo-Iranian languages. The earliest links between Central and South Asia are provided by similarities, already remarked upon by Piggott, between the pottery of the Quetta Valley16 and of the Namazga ΙΠ phase of southern Turkmenistan.

Unlike Indo Aryan or Iranian languages, which survive as tangible entities, preceding stages of the Indo-Iranian family exist only as reconstructions - from cognates within the daughter languages and from occasional archaisms surviving as loan-words in other (principally Finno-Ugric) languages. It is difficult to compare a protolanguage with the actually existing daughter languages from which it was pasted together, and, consequently, difficult to construct hypotheses on the social processes accompanying the change from one to the other, without lapsing into circular arguments.

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