By Terry L. Neal

Offers experience and desiring to significant shifts in ideology, politics, and economics that experience inspired americans to enforce offshore concepts. Explores how someone of quite modest capability cam take advantage of offshore funding, drawing at the author's years of expertise as a monetary advisor and company entrepreneur within the foreign group. An offshore listing profiles company and belief domiciles world wide. contains appendices of files and agreements, and an inventory of asset security legal professionals.

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C. S. GNP of from $48 billion to $102 billion, and that eventually almost 2 million Americans could lose their jobs. Whether or not such a law passed in California this time is not the issue; the point is that creative trial lawyers are seeking ever-broadening avenues toward even more lawsuits. And although they may not achieve their goal today or tomorrow, they are going to continue in that direction until they reach the Promised Land of your assets. AND NOW THE GOVERNMENT The government has also gotten into lawsuits.

If you have anything or have accomplished anything or have served anywhere -- from a school board to a Little League -- you may be the object of a lawsuit and your assets may be seized. " It's common knowledge among professional "suers" that most 34 The Legal Threat To Your Assets people and companies will pay what equates to a "ransom" just to make the suit go away. And you would likely do it too. Because once a case comes before court, especially if before a jury, you can have no idea what the outcome will be.

People form governments, not the other way around. In the words of Frederic Bastiat, the French political economist: "Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. " The proper role of government should be restricted to those activities within which any individual citizen has the right to act. Proper government derives its power from the governed. Its responsibility is to protect its citizens from the loss of freedom, physical violence, theft, and other such matters. Ezra T Benson was right on target when he said: "No individual possesses the power to take another's wealth or to force others to do good, so no government has the right to do such things either.

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