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In his large commute account, Evliya Celebi offers fabrics for buying at Ottoman perceptions of the realm, not just in parts like geography, topography, management, city associations, and social and financial platforms, but additionally in such domain names as faith, folklore, sexual kinfolk, dream interpretation, and conceptions of the self. In six chapters the writer examines: Evliya's remedy of Istanbul and Cairo because the capital towns of the Ottoman global; his geographical horizons and notions of tolerance; his attitudes towards govt, justice and particular Ottoman associations; his social prestige as gentleman, personality kind as dervish, workplace as caller-to-prayer and avocation as traveler; his use of assorted narrative types; and his relation along with his viewers within the registers of persuasion and leisure. An Afterword situates Evliya when it comes to different highbrow developments within the Ottoman global of the 17th century.

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He saluted Kapani Mehmed Efendi respectfully and kissed his hand. ” He was carrying a wine goblet which he now handed over to Dervish 'Ali, who proceeded to take several draughts from it. Then he let out a yelp, stripped off his garments, and entered the barber shop. “Well,” said Kapani Efendi, addressing me, “now is the time for ‘We decreed . ” And the next thing we saw was Dervish 'Ali running out of the barber shop with a certain young man named Hadji Ahad-o

This would barely have allowed him to be a companion of Sultan Süleyman (reg. 1520–66) as Evliya asserts (VI 175b4). 26 II 369b18. More precisely the family graveyard was in Kasım-pa{a, the cemetary of the Mevlevì-¢àne of Kulle-kapusı; see description at I 127b15 (pederimiz Dervì{ Me˙emmed ¸ıllì ve vàlidesi ve dedemiz Demirci ara A˙med ve dedemiz Yavuz Er Beg ve vàlidemiz ve’l-˙àßıl bì-˙isàb cümle a˚rabà ve ta'allu˚àt [u] büràder ü hem{ìrelerimiz anda medfùnlardır), III 156a26 (ulle-˚apusı Mevlevì-¢ànesi mezàris9tanında).

Istanbul 1670. IX. Aegean and Mediterranean coast. The Holy Land. The Hajj. → Cairo. X. Cairo 1672: historical and geographical survey. Shops and guilds. Down the Nile: the Delta. Up the Nile: Sudan and Abyssinia. → Cairo. Seyahatname—Outline of Book I eve of Ashura (= 10 Muharrem) 1040/19 August 1630: [ch. 1] ch. 2 ch. 3 ch. 4 ch. 5 ch. 6 ch. 7 ch. 8 ch. 9 ch. 10 ch. 11 the dream Hadiths on Istanbul Founding of Istanbul Black Sea Walls of Istanbul (built by Constantine) Circumference of Istanbul Talismans Mines; resumption of historical narrative: the rise of Islam Sieges Seljuk and Ottoman conquests of Rum Siege and conquest Capture of Frankish ships; fulfillment of Ak }emseddin’s prophecy; kin relationship of the ch.

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