By David Krueger, John David Mann

If cash have been approximately math, none people will be wearing any debt. The numbers are easy. What’s advanced is what we do with funds. We use funds to assuage our emotions and purchase admire, to teach how a lot we care or how little. We don’t easily earn, keep, and spend cash: we flirt with it, crave it, and scorn it; we punish and present ourselves with it. with no knowing it, we provide funds that means it doesn’t particularly have—what former psychiatrist and present company trainer David Krueger calls our “money story.” And within the technique of enjoying out that money tale, we regularly sacrifice crucial issues in our existence: our health and wellbeing, freedom, relationships, and happiness. what's your cash tale? Do you continually spend greater than you've got? Do you keep on with the herd on your investments—even although you recognize the herd is mostly incorrect? have you ever ignored to save lots of for the longer term, even if you've got the potential? Do you're feeling managed or shackled through debt? Is your funds someway by no means “enough”? Is cash, or the inability of it, continually in your brain? the key Language of cash is a guided travel to the unconscious meanings we provide cash, the conflicted methods our braindeals with cash, the explanations we have a tendency to make an analogous funds errors over and over—and most significantly, the way you can switch all that. a super mix of state-of-the-art technological know-how and real-world program, the key Language of cash is helping you rewrite your cash tale and locate that elusive stability of wealth, overall healthiness, and pleasure we all search.

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__________________________________________________ c. __________________________________________________ 2. What does that purchase mean to you? That is, how does it make you feel? a. __________________________________________________ b. __________________________________________________ c. __________________________________________________ What Money Means • 35 3. If it didn’t give you that feeling, would you still make that purchase, at that price? a. __________________________________________________ b.

There is also what that secret language has created: its own secret story—which is what we’ll explore in Chapter 4. 50 • The Secret Language of Money Notes 1. htm. 2. story_id=10329261. 3. , D. H. , 2001. 4. htm. four YOUR LIFE IS A STORY Ilsa, I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that. —Rick, in Casablanca (1941) I n 1940, four French teenagers and a dog named Robot set out in search of treasure.

Money Quiz, Revisited Before going on, let’s ask that question we asked earlier, but in a slightly different way, and see if it brings up any self-insight: 44 • The Secret Language of Money What in your life right now are you compromising for money? ” Yet most of us find ourselves in positions where we are doing just that, over and over again. Why? Why do we do these things? Why would we trade away the things that matter to us most? The answer has to do with the fact that money speaks in two languages.

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