By Larry Haun

Here's your probability to develop into a extra effective chippie. Larry Haun has been a creation framer for greater than 35 years and a instructor of apprentices for greater than 20. during this ebook, Haun exhibits you, step-by-step, all of the innovations he makes use of to border a easy condo, from laying down the sills to slicing the rafters.

You'll research about:
- slicing and fitting posts and girders
- joisting and sheathing fluently
- laying out, slicing, assembling, and elevating walls
- framing gable roofs, hips and valleys, and truss roofs
- development a variety of kinds of stairs

There is a gap bankruptcy on instruments, plans, codes, allows, lumber, and fabrics, and extra info during the booklet on safeguard and site-built instruments. The Very effective chippie isn't any under an entire direction in uncomplicated framing.

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Extra info for The Very Efficient Carpenter: Basic Framing for Residential Construction

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Traditionally, the rim supporting common joists was formed by blocks. Floor jOists were cut full length and nailed on edge to the foundation sill or wall plate, with blocks placed between them to pro­ vide stability and proper spacing. This is a good construction technique, but cutting and nailing in­ dividual blocks is much more time-consuming than using a continuous rim. 42 Framing Floors If you are working over a crawl space close to the ground, the most efficient method for joisting is to nail the rim on first.

8 ft. 9 ft. 6 ft. 7 ft. 8 ft. 6 ft. 7 ft. 5 ft. 6 ft. Girders over a crawl space usually span the length of the building and are often 4x6s or two 2x6s nailed together. Four-by-six girders spaced 6 ft. , but this can vary with the type of wood used and the load that the system will bear. The span is often greater over a basement than over a crawl space, in which case the girders or the joists will have to be larger. Check the plans for lumber size and type. Post length In areas where termites or moisture are serious prob­ lems, the posts in a crawl space may be made from pressure-treated wood.

Drive a 1 6d toenail through the top of the block into the joist. Draw the next joist up to the block and drive two more 1 6d nails through the joist into the block. Then pull the lapped joist up against the first joist and nail these two together, again with two 1 6ds. Secure this joist to the girder or wall with another 1 6d toenail angling down through the joist. Then grab another block and re­ peat the process. Once you reach the end, turn around and drive a 1 6d toenail through the back side of every joist into the girder or wall.

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