By Raymond M. Smullyan

80 paradoxes, logical labyrinths, and interesting enigmas development from gentle fables and fancies to not easy Zen routines and a novella and probe the undying questions of philosophy and existence.

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Note that answers are produced in standard Prolog (LD-resolution) order. This design choice is needed for improved predictability, keeping in mind that Jinni, as a multi-threaded environment, is already subject to more complex operational semantics. 38 Paul Tarau It is quite surprising how simply all essential control constructs of Prolog can be built on top of this one_solution/3 primitive3 . if(Cond,Then,Else):one_solution(successful(Cond,Then),Cond,R), select_then_else(R,Cond,Then,Else). select_then_else(the(successful(Cond,Then»,Cond,Then,_):-Then .

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