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Heidegger and Marcuse: The Catastrophe and Redemption of History

This brief e-book contrasts the philosophies of expertise of Heidegger and Marcuse, certainly one of Heidegger's superstar students, and relates their paintings to modern expertise experiences. Feenberg units out the historic and theoretical heritage of the talk, then discusses each one philosopher's conception in flip, and ends with an incredible research of the consequences for modern know-how experiences.

Die physikalischen und chemischen Grundlagen der Glasfabrikation

Die Wissenschaft yom Glase ist infolge der Anwendung neuer physi kalischer Auffassungen und Methoden derart in Breite und Tiefe an geschwollen, daB es dem Ingenieur und dem Studenten immer schwie riger wird, die wissenschaftlichen Fundamente zu iibersehen. Es ist Zweck dieses Buches, den Zusammenhang zwischen der Grundlagen forschung einerseits und der Glaschemie und der Technologie anderer seits wieder herzustellen.

Elements of Psychoanalysis

A dialogue of categorising the ideational context and emotional event which could take place in a psychoanalytic interview. The textual content goals to extend the reader's realizing of cognition and its medical ramifications.

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Our B3LYP calculations find a linear NNThNN molecule and a tetrahedral Th(NN)4 higher species. Using the simple mixture of 14N2 and 15N2 the linear molecule gives the anti-symmetric stretching modes of the pure isotopic molecules at 1895 and 1831 cm-1 plus both symmetric and anti-symmetric modes at 1948 and 1852 cm-1 for the lower symmetry 14-14-Th- 15-15 isotope. The statistical mixture produces a dectet absorption for the strong anti-symmetric stretching mode and three weak bands with observable intensity for mixed isotopic derivatives in the symmetric stretching mode.

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