By W. Kriz, K. V. Lemley (auth.), Alberto Amerio, Pasquale Coratelli, Shaul G. Massry (eds.)

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RESULTS In glomerular diseases three different pathogenetic mechanisms of tubulointerstitial injury have been proposed: immunecomplex 23 deposition, antibodies anti-tubular basement membrane antigens and altered cell-mediated tubulointerstitial clinically immunity. immune The deposits condition are most in commonly which found is lupus nephritis: the electrondense deposits revealed by electronmicroscopy may be focal or diffuse, along or within the tubular basement membrane, or in the interstitium or along the peritubular capillaries (12).

R. N. Engl. J. Med. 306: 1106-1107, 1982. A. C. YAMA 245: 1233-1236, 1981. A. H. Am. J. Physio1. 238: 187-194, 1980. , Ueno, A. and Niijima, T. Kidney Int. 25: 453-459, 1984. A. and Su1aiman, S. C1in. Sci. 62: 17-19, 1982. , Zech, P. and Traeger, J. Nephro1ogie. ~: 101-105, 1984. , Pratesi, G, Calabrese, G. and Gope11a, M. Contr. Nephro1. 58: 111-114, 1987. 3 Dr. M. MINAIRE Laboratoire d'Histologie UFR Grange-Blanche et (*) INSERM U 80, CNRS UA 1177, UCB LYON, FRANCE ABSTRACT Phase contrast microscopy in 20 000 urine sediments (US) from 16 000 patients showed 1637 cases of acute tubular nephritis (AIN), 444 acute interstitial nephritis (AIN), 217 acute tubulo interstitial nephritis (ATIN).

RESULTS "Areolar" casts (made of aggregated neutrophil leukocytes) and debris of these casts are indicative for AIN. Cellular (leukocytic) casts may be encountered occasionally. In ATN, US exhibits renal tubular cells, 47 granular casts, and debris of cells and casts. Features of both AIN and ATN are observed in US of acute tubulo interstitial nephritis (ATIN). Fig. 1. Urine sediment. Phase contrast. Acute interstitial nephritis: areolar casts and debris. Inflammatory cells are unfrequent : leukocytes are observed in 8,5% of AIN, 4,2% of ATN, 6,4% of ATIN, histiocytes in 7,4% of AIN, 4,0% of ATN and 2,8% of ATIN.

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