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During this booklet, specialist Angus Konstam explores the fledging Tudor army, tracing its historical past, from its origins as a service provider fleet less than Henry VII via to its emergence as a strong strength less than Henry VIII. interpreting the operational use of Henry's Tudor warships the writer analyzes the conflict of the Solent in 1545, within which Henry's fleet took on a French fleet of 2 hundred ships - a lot greater than the Spanish Armada many years later. regardless of the good documented lack of his flagship, the Mary Rose Henry's smaller strength succeeded in fighting a French victory. even supposing many folks may have heard of the robust Mary Rose, this ebook will inform the tale of greater than simply the tragic sinking of Henry's flagship, describing how one among history's so much dynamic kings grew the military from the 5 warships that have been his father's legacy to fifty-three lethal gunships on the leading edge of his empire-building approach. via modern illustrations and complicated paintings, the writer lines the altering face of warship layout in the course of the Renaissance as Henry lead the way for English dominance of the sea.

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The First international warfare coincided with a golden age of advertisements, and during the clash impressive and colourful poster paintings was once used to recruit infantrymen, advertise funding within the conflict, sustain morale - and, in fact, to vilify the enemy.

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Stratford Archive) the largest warship in the Tudor fleet. The boarders drove the Frenchmen from the upper deck, but then on the verge of victory came disaster. A fire broke out on the French ship and within minutes the Cordeliere was ablaze. The rigging of the Regent and the Cordeliere had also become entwined, and the English ship was unable to free herself. Inevitably the fire spread, and soon both ships were consumed by the flames. Only 20 Frenchmen survived the disaster, although 120 English sailors were rescued from the flames.

The great pieces (also known as port pieces or murderers) were substantial wrought-iron guns, built up using iron staves and iron hoops, with a limited range and velocity. However, a combination of these pieces and the more modern bronze guns (curtows and half-curtows) meant that the Sovereign possessed an impressive level of firepower for her day - a period when ships were still not pierced with gunports, and if they were embarked at all heavy guns were carried on the open deck. 1512 1 Gun type· l Henri Grace a Dieu Great Elizabeth Gabriel Royal (900 tons) (700 tons) (1,000 tons) Culverins Katherine Fortileza Mary Rose (500 tons) Peter Pomegranate (450 tons) (700 tons) 2 2 5 Curtows Murderers 18 8 3 14 6 11 Stone guns 24 29 9 13 26 6 Falcons 6 14 2 2 6 6 Slings 5 1 These totals exclude both the lighter swivel guns and handguns listed in the inventories of these ships.

This prompted the French flagship to retire from the fight. ) Gun weight (Ib) Shot weight (I b) Powder charge (Ib) Point-blank range (paces) Old cannon 7 8,000 42 60 400 Cannon 8 7,000 60 20 400 Demi-cannon 6V2 6,000 30 28 760 Culverin 5V2 4,000 18 18 500 Dem i-cu Iveri n 4V2 3,000 9 9 400 Saker 3V2 1,500 5 360 Minion 3% 1,100 4V2 4V2 340 Falcon 2V2 800 2V2 2V2 320 range. The English foray may well have been Viscount Lyle's response to this goading. Then - without any warning - French observers saw the Mary Rose heel over and sink.

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