By Linn F. Mollenauer, Jonathan C. White (auth.), Dr. Linn F. Mollenauer, Dr. Jonathan C. White (eds.)

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101,108-110], relatively large densities (_10 15 cm- 3) can build up and give rise to significant absorption. 102,88] in electron-beam pumped mixtures indicate that Kr2F is the most strongly absorbing species. 111]. Nevertheless, the reaction of NF3 with Xe* has a branching ratio of unity, and is used to advantage in XeF lasers. Similarly, C1 2 can be replaced by HCl in XeCl* lasers. The absorption cross sections of many of the absorbing species in all the noble-gas halides are shown in Fig. 13.

R. Hutchinson conditions is a few tens of nanoseconds. If the initial electron number density in the gas is sufficiently high, however, diffusion of the electrons will produce some overlap of neighbouring avalanche heads and smooth out the developing space charge heads. In this way, a relatively homogeneous discharge can be sustained, provided the impedance of the driving circuit remains matched to the plasma impedance. The simplest form of self-sustained discharge-pumped excimer laser uses low-inductance discharge circuits to supply a short high-voltage pulse to the laser gas.

An energy level diagram for XeCI is shown in Fig. 14. For XeF in thermal equilibrium at room temperature, approximately 950/0 of the combined population of the B and C states is in the C state. Transitions from C-X are forbidden but, as noted in Sect. 1, transitions to the strongly repulsive A state produce a broad continuum centered at 490 nm. 1). As a result, very intense pumping is required. 1 Fig. 14. Schematic energy level diagram of the XeCl excimer X(hl 2 345 A- 6 7 40 M. H. R. Hutchinson electrons tends to thermalize the populations of the Band C states at a high electron temperature, thereby reducing the C-state population.

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