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28. Shorted delta winding Shorted Y (wye) winding Open Y (wye) winding What forward and reverse ohmmeter readings indicate a serviceable diode? a. b. c. 27. with the diode rectifiers disconnected. for shorts due to low resistance. for opens due to high resistance. Which is easily determined? a. b. c. 25. an open field winding. a shorted field winding. a grounded field winding. with compressed air. by soaking in solvent. with soft lint-free cloth. If a brush spring tension is 10 ounces, what is the spring length?

E. Bearings. Inspect bearings as directed in TM 9-214. (table 4-1, TM 9-2920-225-34). Inspect for size Note. - If you have any doubt as to serviceability of bearings, replace them. f. Brush holder. Inspect for cracks. for looseness and damaged threads. g. Brush levers. h. Brush lever springs. Inspect terminal studs and screws Inspect for distortion and damage. (1) Inspect for cracks and distortion. (2) Use a spring pressure checker to check spring pressure exerted by brush springs of generators.

2) Inspect shaft for burred or stripped threads. (fig 18). 001 inch. k. Flexible coupling. Inspect shaft for worn splines. Inspect holder and cover for cracks and damage. Inspect blocks for wear, distortion, and loss of resiliency. heads. l. Screws and washers. Inspect all screws for stripped threads and damaged Inspect all washers for cracks and distortion. OS 010, 2-P15 Figure 18. 19. TESTING. proper performance. Testing sliprings for distortion. After the generator has been assembled, you must test it for a.

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