By Christos Nikopoulos

Utilized Behaviour research (ABA) is a winning academic process for constructing social and verbal exchange abilities in young ones with autism. using video modelling in ABA programmes has verified nice effectiveness in instructing behavioural abilities to autistic teenagers, and this booklet explains how and why. Video modelling is an easy-to-use behaviour amendment procedure that makes use of videotaped instead of 'live' eventualities for the kid to watch, concentrating the focal point of realization for the kid with autism and making a powerful stimulus for studying. "Video Modelling and behavior research" presents a realistic advent to the process, its ambitions, recommendations to be used, and facts of its good fortune. Illustrative case examples are supported by means of unique diagrams and images, with transparent, available reasons. "Video Modelling and behavior research" should be a welcome boost to the sensible literature on autism interventions for folks of autistic young children and the pros operating with them.

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However, the investigators in the other four studies (Bettison 1996; Gillberg et al. 1997; Mudford et al. 2000; Zollweg, Palm and Vance 1997), reported no beneficial effects on the behaviours – including social behaviour – of people with autism. Moreover, a systematic review conducted for the Cochrane Collaboration further suggested that there is no clear evidence yet for AIT’s effect on autism (Sinha et al. 2004). Therefore, the advocates of this approach have not only to develop the theoretical framework to explain why some individuals with autism may benefit from listening to AIT music, but also have to provide research evidence to support their claims (American Academy of Pediatrics 1998).

E. description, quantification and analysis) independently of the population being served by its procedures. This chapter examines how these scientific practices translate into a behavioural programme for the autism population. Also, it describes the basic concepts used in behavioural research in preparation for the research studies outlined in Chapter 4. 2 Diagnosis and applied behaviour analysis Behavioural therapeutic approaches and programmes are based on a detailed investigation and assessment of an individual’s strengths, needs and life circumstances.

2. Introduction of the intervention is spread over a period of time across the separate AB designs which allows critical decisions to be made based on the data obtained. 3. A baseline phase in at least one AB design can extend beyond an intervention phase in another design which again provides the researcher with ongoing valuable information regarding the effectiveness of the intervention. 54 VIDEO MODELLING AND BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS Thus, the sequence of three AB designs in a multiple-baseline design when baseline is ‘A’ and intervention is ‘B’ can be viewed in the following way: First AB design: A, B, B, B Second AB design: A, A, B, B Third AB design: A, A, A, B Multiple-baseline design One should see that changes in behaviour only occur when the intervention is introduced, irrespective of the duration of the baseline.

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