By Mark A Benvenuto; American Chemical Society. Division of Chemical Education

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It’s Business An important part of research that is often neglected in graduate school training is the business aspect. Research costs money - and it’s a lot more than just paying for instruments, supplies, and the salaries of the researchers. The money coming in has to pay for the buildings, electricity, administrative support, groundkeepers, lawyers, travel to conferences, and on and on and on. There are various “colors” of money (meaning, money that is for a specific kind of activity) and these colors can’t always be spent in any way you wish.

I will not presume upon their expert writing and will look only at the development of future career plans and options. In the Beginning…My Story To set the stage for our conversation, you should know something about me. Bill Cosby on some early vinyl stated the obvious: “I started out as a child…”. Born in a small, sleepy railroad town in southern Ontario, Canada of immigrant parents from Europe, my siblings and I learned early that hard work and education were prized values. Even so, the first day of school was very traumatic, lots of crying, hanging onto the schoolyard fence.

D. staff members generally follow one of two tracks – research or management. D. staff will join in a research position. Those who stay in research may lead teams or be individual contributors to multiple projects. There are opportunities to move into management – either as a line manager of a group of researchers or as a program manager. Ultimately the management track leads to executive positions. Either track can lead to a fruitful and satisfying career making meaningful contributions – it is really up to the individual to determine which is right for them.

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