By John W. Reynolds (auth.), J. H. P. Jonxis M.D., H. K. A. Visser M.D., J. A. Troelstra M.D. (eds.)

The idea of the foeto-placental unit as an built-in endocrine organ has been outlined lately via many in vivo stories on the seventeenth- twentieth week of gestation. A functioning foeto-placental unit is important for many of the elevated oestrogen construction of being pregnant and for the supply of glucocorticoids and aldosterone to the foetus. Neither the foetus nor the placenta on my own have the required enzyme platforms for the synthesis of those teams of steroids. although, while the foetus and placenta functionality as a unit, all the enzyme platforms are current for the synthesis of those steroids from circulating ldl cholesterol. The placenta, yet now not the mid-gestation foetal adrenal, can synthesize physiologically a great deal of pregnenolone from circulating ldl cholesterol. a part of the pregnenolone is switched over to progesterone within the placenta through the 3~-HSD process (absent within the foetus). The progesterone is transferred to the foetus the place it truly is remodeled via C-II, C-17, C-18 and C-21 hydroxylases (all absent within the placenta) to cortisol, corticosterone and aldosterone. Pregnenolone transferred from the placenta to the foetus undergoes 171X-hydroxylation, part­ chain splitting and sulfurylation (absent within the placenta) and is switched over to DHAS. The DHAS might suffer 161X-hydroxylation (absent within the placenta) within the foetal liver and be transported to the placenta as 161X-OH-DHAS. There it's subjected to a impartial steroid sulfatase (absent within the foetus) and is switched over to oestriol by way of motion of the 3~-HSD process and the aromatizing enzyme system.

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49 NEUROLOGICAL ASSESSMENT II. G. ASSESSMENT A. C. in normal premature and full term irifants This has been fully described in various papers by C. DREYFUS(1, 2) and co-workers from a total of 740 tracings from 344 infants: BRISAC l. 20 previable fetuses born between 20 and 26 weeks (24 tracings); 2. 60 infants born between 28 and 32 weeks, and followed up to the presumed term of 41 weeks (241 tracings); 3. 147 infants born between 32 and 37 weeks and followed up to the time of normal term (210 tracings); 4.

Prof Kloosterman: Thank you very much. I should like to point to one thing. Dr. GRUNEWALD had raised a very important question when I heard him say, very distinctly, the placenta is just an organ of the foetus. Beforehand I heard a discussion going on between foetal parts of the placenta and maternal parts of the placenta. I never heard of an organ for two individuals combined. And I wonder whether we in the next days will raise the question again whether the placenta is just a normal organ of the foetus and the small placenta has something to do with the small foetus.

G. in a double blind test. However, ROBINSON (13), in a rather interesting study advocated the isolated study of each reflex. He thinks that the appreciation of muscle tone is somewhat imprecise and practically difficult. He described a stydy of 219 neurological examinations based on the sole study of the reflexes on 62 infants born at known gestational ages between 25 and 42 weeks (37 of normal birth weight for the gestational age, 25 below 25 % of the mean birth weight for their gestational age).

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