By Chris Marshall

It is a dual-purpose, two-in-one e-book that opens with a powerful proposal portion of principles for storage association and use, then provides a completely constructed how-to part that features a variety of step by step tasks, starting from the set up of simple shelving and garage positive aspects, to accomplish follow-along sequences exhibiting the development of 3 diversified storage types from the floor up.

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Staple It to the sheathing every 12" along the edges and one staple per sq. ft. in the field area. Trim the gable ends of the paper flush with the edges of the sheathing. If you live in a cold climate and plan to heat your garage, install selfadhesive ice-guard membrane for the first two courses. I~ .. J • • Install the second underlayment course. Snap another Install drip edge on rakes. Cut a 45 0 miter at the end of the chalk line across the first row of underlayment, 32" up from the eaves. Roll out the second row of building paper with the bottom edge following the chalk line to create a 4" overlap.

Remove form boards after concrete sels. The garage slab cannot Simply float on the ground. It requrres footings around the penmeter. For detached garages, an 8 x 16" footing will comply With most local codes. For attached garages, the footings must extend past the frostilne. In both cases, an ample layer of drai nage rock IS required to help minimize movement from freezing and thawing. B11ildillg (j New Camge • 29 I How to Pour a Concrete Slab --- --- ------ --- 2"510pe toward door for drainage Hold downbolts To 6"below frost line, if required Begin to layout the excavation with pairs of batterboards installed at each corner of the garage slab site.

Generally, the tabs are spaced evenly along each sheet of shingle to provide a uniform appearance and a stepped, brick-laid pattern on the roof However, some manufacturers also offer styles with shaped corners or randomly spaced tabs trimmed to different heights for a more unique look. B11ildillg (j New Camge • 61 I How to Prepare the Roof Deck • Gable sub fascia Install the first course of roof decking. Start sheathing the roof at one of the lower corners with W' COX plywood or oriented strand board (OS8) that's rated for sheathing.

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