By A. P Sinnett

1919. Contents: The World's position within the Universe; destiny Lives; faith below fix; Occultism in Tennyson's Poetry; 5 Senses; Visits to this global; The Masters and their tools of guide; extended Theosophical wisdom; Pyramids and Stonehenge; tremendous actual legislation of Nature; better Occultism; gadgets of Theosophy; Borderland of technological know-how; Astronomy, Overt and Occult; and Poetry and Theosophy.

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We may be fully content to know that however the preparatory processes leading up to the Divine Hierarchy may be provided for in other worlds, this of ours has a place in the Universe in direct relation with all the infinitudes that simple word represents with all that the most illuminated reverence can suggest when we presume to speak of God. FUTURE LIFE AND LIVES the tragedies of the War have some questions carethe multitude lessly disregarded by during normal Is there an life for after all of us when we periods.

Way it is Future Life and Lives 39 This outline sketch of the astral life could, indeed, be with much further detail and even be supplemented with some description of planes or spheres higher and beyond the astral. But in attempting to explore these, incarnate human intelligence is up against conditions that defy the resources of language. For every Ego, indeed, each experience of astral life must come to an end sooner or later, though it may extend to many centuries of our time, and must almost always culminate in some touch with the lofty plane beyond; but for the humbler, less developed entities this touch would hardly involve consciousness, would merely be the prelude to an unconscious plunge back filled in The better understanding of that people in the present day who recognize the necessity of reincarnation as a principle, but dislike the idea for want of compreinto incarnation.

The law applies to all, but is so elastic as to fit in with very different volumes of circumstance. we must remember that Egos ripe for reincarnation represent very different stages of development The humblest of these, leaving out quite savage races that we need not think about for the moment, is not a very expanded being when, after a long stay on the astral, he has shed all memories of his last life and remains its spiritual nucleus. The law, guided by Divine agency, puts that spiritual nucleus in touch with a new birth, and there is not much consciousness left on higher planes to be thought of as the Higher Self of the new personality.

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