By Jennifer Michael Hecht

Within the culture of grand sweeping histories reminiscent of From sunrise To Decadence, The constitution of clinical Revolutions, and A historical past of God, Hecht champions doubt and wondering as one of many nice and noble, if unheralded, highbrow traditions that distinguish the Western brain especially-from Socrates to Galileo and Darwin to Wittgenstein and Hawking. this can be an account of the world's maximum ‘intellectual virtuosos,' who're additionally humanity's maximum doubters and disbelievers, from the traditional Greek philosophers, Jesus, and the japanese religions, to trendy secular equivalents Marx, Freud and Darwin—and their makes an attempt to reconcile the seeming meaninglessness of the universe with the human want for which means,

This extraordinary e-book levels from the early Greeks, Hebrew figures reminiscent of task and Ecclesiastes, japanese serious knowledge, Roman stoicism, Jesus as a guy of doubt, Gnosticism and Christian mystics, medieval Islamic, Jewish and Christian skeptics, secularism, the increase of technological know-how, smooth and modern severe thinkers akin to Schopenhauer, Darwin, Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, the existentialists.

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In fact, the ‘philosophy of praxis’ (Gramsci, 1975, p. 1437) was central to his work spanning across the Quaderni. It is Gramsci’s overarching philosophy that he contrasts with ‘common sense’. Gramsci saw ideas that reflect the dominant material relationships as residing in those areas he identifies with ‘common sense’ which contains elements of ‘good sense’ but which is, in effect, a distorted and fragmentary conception of the world. It is, according to Gramsci, a ‘philosophy of non philosophers’ (Gramsci, 1975, p.

1993) Hegel and Marxism, in: F. C. ), The Cambridge Companion to Hegel (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press), pp. 414–444. 2 XXX Educational EPAT 0013-1857 © 2007 Philosophy Philosophy ofLtd Education and Theory Society of Australasia Blackwell Oxford, UK Publishing Antonio Gramsci and his Relevance to the Education of Adults1 Antonio Peter Mayo Gramsci and the Education of Adults Peter Mayo In his scattered and often cryptic writings appearing as political pamphlets, journalistic pieces, cultural reviews, letters from prison and, most particularly, those notes from the same prison that were intended as the foundation for a comprehensive work für ewig (for eternity), Antonio Gramsci provides elements for a large allembracing educational strategy.

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