By Rebekah Lyons

Girls at the present time are fading. In a feminine tradition outfitted on Photoshopped perfection and Pinterest fantasies, we’ve misplaced the power to dream our personal significant desires. So busy attempting to do all of it and feature all of it, we’ve ignored the existence we have been rather designed for. And we're paying the fee. the increase of loneliness, melancholy, and nervousness one of the girl inhabitants in Western cultures is at an all-time excessive. total, girls are and a part instances prone to take antidepressants than males. what's it approximately our tradition, the expectancies, and our lifestyle that's breaking ladies down in extraordinary ways?

In this susceptible memoir of transformation, Rebekah Lyons stocks her trip from Atlanta, Georgia, to the guts of big apple, the place she came across herself blindsided by way of crippling melancholy and nervousness. beaten by means of the strain to be regionally effective, professionally astute, and bodily beautiful, Rebekah eventually learned that freedom can come simply by way of dealing with our best fears and completely surrendering to God’s name on our lives. This ebook is a call for participation for all girls to take that first step towards freedom. For it is just once we free-fall that we will be able to actually fly.

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Already, I’m wondering what kind of cookies she would serve and on what kind of dishes. “No, thank you,” Geraldine says, quickly moving toward the door. “I don’t drink tea, but I might like a cookie—” I try to say as Geraldine grabs my arm and drags me through the doorway. “We have to leave now, but thank you for your purchase,” Geraldine utters in a voice I’ve never heard her use before, almost scared. ” I never hear what the Gypsy replies. Was it, “Come back and see me again”? I’m not sure, because Geraldine is hurriedly shutting the door.

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