By Jun Jugaku (auth.), M. Spite (eds.)

This publication includes the complaints of the 1st 'Rencontres de l'Observatoire' which used to be held on the Meudon campus of the Paris Observatory on September 21-25, 1998. the topic addressed was once 'Galaxy evolution: Connecting the far away Universe with the neighborhood fossil record'. This colloquium was once a venture devised by means of a bunch of astronomers who, in France but additionally in Europe, within the usa, in South the United States, or even in Japan, have labored for a very long time with Roger and Giusa Cayrel. Roger and Giusa had an enormous impact on us all. They taught us of their discrete method, the care of the observations and the rigor within the interpretation. along with the displays of Jun Jugaku and Rene Racine and the presentation of Pierre Couturier of the tale of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (presentation which regrettably doesn't look during this publication) numerous papers confer with the function of Roger and Giusa in astronomy. Their contribution to the examine of the galactic evolution has been primary. Our Milky means is the galaxy which are studied in so much info. From the research of our Galaxy's previous inhabitants, you'll comprehend what our Milky manner was once like very quickly after its beginning, on the related level the place we now become aware of the very far-off and therefore very 'young' galaxies. The organizers desired to collect with Roger and Giusa Cayrel specialists of the outdated Galactic inhabitants, of the far away galaxies and of the galactic evolution.

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Astrophysics and Space Science is the original source of publication of this article. It is reft commended that this article is cited as: Astrophysics and Space Science 265: 37-47, 1999. © 1999 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 38 K. NOMOTO ET AL. -------- ---- ---"0 -.. 1 ...... , \. 01 .... "/ -'-lz-S-'-'-' _/ ~ co E .... 001 .... "C C· ..... • ............. 1t .... 0001 ..... \ ...... - ... . 9 Figure 1. The isotopic composition of the ejecta from the 20 MO star (6 M O He core). 2. Nucleosynthesis in Type II Supernovae and the Abundances in Very Metal-Poor Stars Very metal poor stars provide important clues to investigate early Galactic chemical and dynamical evolution because they contain valuable information about this time.

This leaves them rather limited financial and, more importantly, human resources to tackle much larger projects at this time. 2. AN OPTION FOR COUDE SPECTROSCOPY A promising and affordable approach to enhance the CFHT's spectroscopic capabilities, and further elucidate the Cosmic Connection through abundance analysis, would be to feed its excellent cross-dispersed coude spectrograph with the photons collected by the 8-m primary of the Gemini telescope located 200 m away. Suitable trades with Gemini users for that connection would have to be made on the basis of scientific balance.

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