By Red Green

It may well now not be nice literature — yet at the very least it's handy.

From the mastermind of the highly winning The purple eco-friendly Show comes a publication that's going to alter your lifestyles, or at the very least make you laugh  — a lot  — everytime you choose it up. and other people are going to be deciding upon it up for a few years to come back, because — just like the long-rerunning television shows  — there's now not a topical gag within the e-book at any place, so it's going to be humorous for the forseeable destiny. And as its name indicates, this can be additionally a really helpful e-book. between its very many gemstones of recommendation, it exhibits how you can prepare dinner with acetylene, take revenge on a garden mower, degree your hat measurement with a two-by-four, lessen your carbon footprint (it comprises entering into a fruit tree situated subsequent to a liquor shop) and make your personal substitute gasoline (which includes an empty propane tank and an entire septic one).

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