By Jean-Marie Mayeur

Nouvelle histoire de l. a. France contemporaine:

1. los angeles Chute de l. a. monarchie (1787 – 1792), M. Vovelle
2. los angeles République jacobine (10 août 1792-9 Thermidor an II), M. Bouloiseau
3. l. a. République bourgeoise (de Thermidor à Brumaire, 1799-1815), D. Woronoff
4. L’Épisode napoléonien. points intérieurs (1799-1815), L. Bergeron
5. los angeles France napoléonienne. features extérieurs (1799-1815), R. Dufraisse et M. Kérautret
6 et 7. los angeles France des notables (1815-1848) 1. L’évolution générale, A. Jardin et A.-J. Tudesq 2. l. a. vie de los angeles kingdom, A. Jardin et A.-J. Tudesq
8. 1848 ou l’Apprentissage de los angeles République (1848-1852), M. Agulhon
9. De los angeles fête impériale au mur des fédérés (1852-1871), A. Plessis
10. Les Débuts de l. a. IIIe République (1871-1898), J.-M. Mayeur
11. l. a. République radicale ? (1898-1914), M. Rebérioux
12. Victoire et Frustrations (1914-1929), J.-J. Becker et S. Berstein
13. los angeles Crise des années 30 (1929-1938), D. Borne et H. Dubief
14. De Munich à l. a. Libération (1938-1944), J.-P. Azéma
15 et sixteen. los angeles France de l. a. IVe République (1944-19858) 1. L’ardeur et los angeles nécessité (1944-1952), J.-P Rioux 2. L’expansion et l’impuissance (1952-1958), J.-P Rioux
17 et 18. los angeles France de l’expansion (1958-1974) 1. los angeles République gaullienne (1958-1969), S. Berstein 2. L’apogée Pompidou (1969-1974), S. Berstein et J.-P Rioux
19. Crises et alternances (1974-2000), J.-J. Becker avec los angeles collaboration de P. Ory
20. los angeles France du XXe siècle. records d’histoire, présentés par O. Wieviorka et C. Prochasson

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A T A G L A N C E 45 The Grand Trianon at Versailles, built by louis le Vau in 1668 Sainte-Chapelle. Louis Le Vau (1612–70) and Jules HardouinMansart (1646–1708) designed Versailles (see pp248–53). JacquesAnge Gabriel (1698–1782) built the Petit Trianon (see p249) and Place de la Concorde (see p131). Haussmann (1809–91) gave the city its boulevards (see pp34–5). Gustave Eiffel (1832–1923) built his tower in 1889. A century later, I M Pei added the Louvre’s glass pyramid (see p129), Jean Nouvel created the Institut du Monde Arabe (see p164) and the Musée du Quai Branly (see pp192–3), while Dominique Perrault was behind the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (see p246).

The kitchen was built at the back with a sloping glass roof. The garage was built into the ground floor. Claudine in Paris by Colette The Claudine series of novels, written by Colette Willy, known simply as “Colette”, were extremely popular in the 1930s. Windows were arranged in a horizontal strip. 1931 Colonial Exhibition 1930 A visitor to the exhibition in colonial dress 1932 1937 Picasso paints Guernica in protest at the Spanish Civil War 1934 1936 1934 Riots and strikes in response to the Depression 1938 1940 World War II: Paris bombed and occupied by Nazis 1940 1942 Symbol of Free French superimposed on the victory sign 1937 Palais de Chaillot built Aug 1944 Liberation of Paris 40 i n t r o d u c i n g pa r i s The Modern City in 1962, a program of renovation began, with run-down districts like the Marais being restored.

Other famous exiles have included Chou En-Lai (1898–1976), Ho Chi Minh (1890 –1969), Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870–1924), Oscar Wilde (1854– 1900) and ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev (1938 –93). The duke and duchess of Windsor Proust by J-e Blanche (about 1910) SCIenTISTS Paris has a Quartier Pasteur, a Boulevard Pasteur, a Pasteur metro and the world-famous Institut Pasteur (see p247), all in honor of Louis Pasteur (1822–95), the great French chemist and biologist. His apartment and laboratory are faithfully preserved.

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