By Francis Scofield (auth.), J. L. Gardon, Joseph W. Prane (eds.)

Ecological necessities are forcing a metamorphosis in tech­ nology of industrially utilized coatings. at this time sol­ vent-borne coatings dominate this box yet within the following couple of years swiftly expanding use may be made from aqueous coatings, electrocoating, solvent-free liquid coatings that are cured via U. V.-light or electronbeam, and powder coatings. This monograph describes a few contemporary advancements in those new "non-polluting" coating applied sciences. it truly is very unlikely to foretell how sizeable a percentage each one of those novel coatings will take from the normal in­ dustrial finishes industry which at this time represents an annual quantity of approximately a thousand million money. In all likeli­ hood each one will locate its personal really good use. we are hoping that this monograph may also help the reader to shape a point of view of many of the novel coatings, their approach to program, their benefits and their boundaries. J. L. Gardon Joseph W. Prane Rahway, N. J.,and Elkins Park, Pa. October 15, 1972 v CONTENTS prestige of pollution keep an eye on Regulations........... 1 Francis Scofield actual Characterization of Water Dispersed and Soluble Acrylic Polymers........................... five William H. Brendley, Jr. and Thomas H. Haag Methylated Urea Formaldehyde Cross-Linking brokers in Aqueous Emulsions............................... 25 Leonard J. Calbo Polymer Parameters Affecting Aqueous Topcoat structures. • . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . • . • . . . 35 . • . . . . . . . .

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Thus, the migration rates of the solid components are then known. One method used for evaluating the performance of any ED system is the following: Films are deposited on selected substrates at some constant time on a voltage ladder beginning at some low ELECTRODEPOSITION SYSTEMS 61 voltage to a voltage at which visual gassing of the system is observed. The coulombic consumption for each deposit is recorded at specific time intervals over the total deposition time span. ) The films are then rinsed and oven-cured in preparation for testing and evaluation.

Within 60 seconds. In our cure study of XC-4015 resin with other amino cross-linking agents marketed as CYMEL 1123 and CYMEL 1132, XC-4015 did not cure either at a lower temperature or at a faster rate at higher temperature. The cure rate was found to be comparable to that of XC-4010. 50 GIRISH G. PAREKH XC -4010 g 10 '" It') ~ ~ ... .. 8 MIL. :: 4 2 10 20 30 40 50 CURE PERIOD (MINUTES) FIGURE 2 60 10 8 -;;; E '" It') ~ ... .. 8 MIL. : 2 100 110 120 160 130 140 150 BAKING TEMPERATURE rc) 170 180 FIGURE 4 Cure Rate of Xe-4015 as a Function of Temperature Figure 4 shows the cure study of Xe-4015 at various temperatures from 1100e.

The following topcoating technique was used in a typical coating application: 1. 2. 3. , and a distance of 10-14 inches between gun and panel. The coating was applied in three double passes with a S-lS minute flash between coats. 20-60 minute air dry prior to bake. The use of hot spray techniques were also investigated. The temperature was varied between SO-8SoC in these instances. Bake Conditions A graduated heating schedule was used in all cases in order to minimize solvent popping which is one of the most difficult problems (see Results and Discussion).

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