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Thanks to the extensive interlinking of all aspects of our society, every change to the system seems like a life threat. Only a generation ago, most families looked after their own children, took care of their own elderly, and treated most of their own illnesses. By now, though, REVIEW COPY ONLY - PLEASE DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 30 Occupy Money these services have largely been taken over by professionals or agencies, and thereby monetized.  — ​these activities are increasingly taking place outside the family.

02) in the second week, then doubled again in every subsequent week of the year? Most ­people pick the first option, because they can calculate very quickly in their heads how much money it adds up to. And if you suspect (or even know for sure) at this point that the second option is more lucrative, you will still not know, neither intuitively nor rationally, exactly how much money you would have at the end of the year. 00 — ​that’s 45 trillion dollars, or about two-thirds of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).

This linear image is misleading, however. It would be more accurate to say that two diverging exponential curves arise, one on the positive and one on the negative side. ” you might now be asking, believing like most people that you only pay interest when you’ve borrowed money from the bank or some other lender. A closer look shows that this belief is false. Every price we pay contains an interest component — ​interest that the producers of the goods and services we buy have to pay to a bank for the loan they took out to purchase machines and equipment, or to pay wages.

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