By Hilton L. Root

The instance of outdated Regime France offers a resource for lots of of the information approximately capitalism, modernization, and peasant protest that drawback social scientists at the present time. Hilton Root demanding situations conventional assumptions and proposes a brand new interpretation of the connection among kingdom and society.

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Colbert had been appointed finance minister of a monarchy on the verge of bankruptcy. To get the funds necessary to rescue the monarchy from financial ruin, Colbert had to assure creditorsthe private investors upon whom he depended to finance the public debt and to collect taxesthat the king was a worthy credit risk and that collecting the king's taxes would be sound; consequently, investing in loans to the monarchy would be a lucrative activity. Colbert's rise to power also marked the rise to power of a tightly knit group of financial families and interestsa network of personal clients whose ties often included marriage alliances.

This meant that if one peasant were liberated from the collective cens, all could request to be. As a result, the cens would soon be splintered into individual payments, with each inhabitant paying the lord directly. How difficult it would then be for the monastery to adjust the cens to each mutation in ownership. Thus, the feudiste asserted, by dividing the cens into individual portions, "one makes collection even more difficult and more irksome. Although collection is assured when you assess the whole group, .

Despite the famine, the king increased taxes in some areas and eliminated long-established exemptions and fiscal privileges in others. The response of his subjects was fierce. 1 Those troops left a trail of blood behind them; they had ordered the hanging of many rioters and sent four hundred to the galleys for life. These disturbances made only a slight impression on the young king. Louis scarcely mentioned famine or riots in his memoirs, written nine years later for the education of his son. " Nevertheless, between 1661 and 1675, hardly a year went by without popular demonstrations, all of which were rapidly put down by royal troops.

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