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What We Really Value: Beyond Rubrics in Teaching and Assessing Writing

As valuable as they've been, the nice weak point of departmental writing rubrics lies in what they omit. They current a handful of inarguably very important standards in which writing could be evaluated, yet they put out of your mind dozens of different standards (such as "interest," "tone," or "commitment") during which any rhetorical functionality is additionally prone to be judged.

Teaching Composition As A Social Process

McComiskey argues for instructing writing as positioned in discourse itself, within the consistent stream of texts produced inside social relationships and associations. this can be a paintings with a cosmopolitan idea base and whole of examples from McComiskey's personal study rooms.

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This publication explores how English is utilized in outer edge groups, whereas subtly resisting the linguistic imperialism from the worldwide ELT company.

Becoming an Evidence-based Practitioner: A Framework for Teacher-Researchers

This publication is for academics who're having a look, or being inspired, to adopt study of their faculties. Written via lecturers and their HE examine mentors, the booklet exhibits lecturers tips to 'do' and 'use' learn and the way to 'do' potent pedagogy.

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Chem. Soc. , 246-247, 1960. 36. , "Photoelectrochemistry: Applications to Solar Energy Conversion", Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, Vol. 29: 1978, p. 189. 37. , "Photobiological Production of Hydrogen—A Solar Energy Conversion Option", Solar Energy Research Institute, SERI/TR-33-122, 1979. 38. , "Biological and Chemical Conversion of Solar Energy at SERI", AICHE Symposium Series, Vol. 74, No. 181, p. 42, 1978. CHAPTER 2 INTRODUCTION TO THE ROLE OF CRYSTAL DEFECTS IN SOLAR MATERIALS! E. T. Inal Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Socorro, New Mexico I.

The principal absorbtion in the float glass is due to an iron impurity in the Fe state (21). focusing. Cleaning procedures are being studied but those in­ vestigated to date are expensive and may scratch the front sur­ face which in turn will degrade performance. accumulation of dirt is an important problem. Degradation due to Local environment tests at Albuquerque have indicated that 5% reduction in reflec­ tion is a typical loss in a two-month exposure (22) . The actual degradation is highly variable depending on local rain or snow precipitation.

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