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Battle, Society and Enlightenment: The Works of normal Lloyd КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Brill educational PublishersСерия: historical past of battle quantity 32Автор(ы): Patrick J. SpeelmanЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2005Количество страниц: 772ISBN: 978-90-04-14410-1Формат: pdf (e-book)Размер: 8,82 mb RAPIDили IFOLDER zero

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This species of guns will be particularly useful to the cavalry. The Infantry should have casks and cuirasses, made of strong leather, which would last for ever, and defend them effectually against the sabre and bayonet, and even against balls, at a certain distance. The French have offered a great premium to any one, who will prepare leather so as to resist the effect of fire arms. Notwithstanding the use of lances be exploded, I confess, I think it a very useful weapon on many occasions; and particularly in the attack and defence of retrenchments, and against cavalry; wherefore I would not have it entirely neglected.

Preface 31 geneous matter, would probably fall to pieces, and leave nothing but the traces of its antient glory behind. They have a facility in manœuvring, beyond any other troops whatever; and their victories must be ascribed to this chiefly; for all the genius of the leader can do nothing without it, and almost every thing with it. The Spaniards are brave and patient; and have besides a point of honour, which being improved, would make them good soldiers: their army at present, would make but an indifferent figure, for two or three campaigns, as their generals have neither that knowledge, founded on study and application, or that produced by experience.

They attribute the glorious victories of the king of Prussia, to these, and the like puerilities; and have therefore, with great care and diligence, even with a degree of madness, introduced the Prussian exercise into all the troops of Europe; nothing but Prussian will go down. Short cloaths, little hats, tight breeches, high-heeled shoes, and an infinite number of useless motions in the exercise and evolutions, have been introduced, without any other reason, than their being Prussian; as if really these things could possibly contribute to gain one battle, make a fine march or manœuvre, carry on the operations of a siege, choose a fine camp or position, &c.

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