By Jack Stocker, Natalie Foster

This booklet, part of the yankee Chemical Society's Symposium sequence, is a suite of a few pleasant bits of caprice and humor, either intentional and unintentional, from the area of chemistry. beneath these recognized white lab coats basically beat hearts which are able to find and having fun with the lighter aspect in their technology. From chemistry-based crossword puzzles to papers added in verse and tune, it is a fabulous number of the quirkiest incidents and episodes within the fresh heritage of chemistry. themes comprise Ken Reese's back-page column of Chemical and Engineering information, the song that followed the papers of physicist Howard Shapiro, and the hidden whimsy present in the supposedly somber documents of the Chemical Abstracts provider.

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The largest hydrocarbon cycloalkane has 288 carbon atoms (CAS RN: 68040-18-6). The Most Elements A tungsten compound with 11 elements (CAS RN: 132977-13-0) sets the record for most elements. Figure 8 indicates atoms such as carbon, hydrogen, gold, boron, fluorine, manganese, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and platinum. Figure 8. A tungsten compound contains the most different elements – 11 (CAS RN: 132977-13-0). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2013. ch002 One record in CA lists 406 authors for a single article.

What better place is there for songs, especially the secular, Than New Orleans? I sang a few, atomic and molecular; An unconventioneer was I, but nonetheless dressed snazzily, And tried to update Lehrer’s Elements at least as jazzily! ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2013. I am the very model of a scientific troubador, Although my voice suggests, to most, an urgent need to lube a door. In Brooklyn I was born, November 8th of Nineteen Forty-One; My major work to date’s a book that tries to make cell sorting fun (1).

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2013. ch002 Figure 25. Commic acid C lacks comic-relief. Likewise, moronic acid (CAS RN: 6713-27-5) in Figure 26, displays no moronic behaviors. First reported as a natural product in 1979 (25), moronic acid has both antimicrobial and anti-retroviral properties. Triterpenoids such as moronic acid comprise mastic, a Pistacia lentiscus resin used in embalming (26). C. mummies, not produce edible nuts (27). Figure 26. Antimicrobial smarts from moronic acid.

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