By F. Spreafico, A. Mantovani, R. Giavazzi, G. Conti, A. Anaclerio (auth.), Prof. G. Mathé, Dr. G. Bonadonna, Prof. S. Salmon (eds.)

Transplantation of syngeneic (donor is a monozygous dual) or allogeneic (donor is an HLA-identical sibling) marrow offers the chance for competitive antileukemic remedy with out regard to marrow toxicity. till 1975, marrow transplantation used to be performed merely after failure of all different remedy. as a result, such a lot sufferers have been in complicated relapse. Six of sixteen recipients of syngeneic marrow and thirteen of a hundred recipients of allogeneic marrow are nonetheless in remission after five. 5-10 years [3, 7]. An actuarial survival curve of the 1st a hundred sufferers grafted in Seattle after conditioning with cyclophos­ phamide (60 mg/kg on each one of two successive days) and overall physique irradiation (1,000 rad) confirmed 3 classes of curiosity: (1) the 1st four months confirmed a quick lack of sufferers linked to complex sickness, graft-versus-host sickness, infections (in specific interstitial pneumonias), and recurrent leukemia; (2) from four months to two years, the curve confirmed a miles slower fee of decline attributable essentially to recurrent leukemia; and (3) from 2-10 years, the curve was once virtually flat with a negligible lack of sufferers and no recurrent leukemia. This flat part of the curve corresponded to thirteen% of the sufferers and exhibits a robust likelihood that almost all of those survivors are cured in their illness [8]. makes an attempt at lowering the occurrence of leukemic relapse after transplantation have been made via a few marrow transplant teams by way of extra chemotherapy.

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Clinical symptoms in Burkitt's-type leukemias (22 patients) 15 16 12 8 2 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 8 (CSF7) 5 Hepatomegaly Splenomegaly Peripheral adenomegaly Abdominal tumors Maxillary tumors Bone involvement Testis Pleural Tonsils Breasts Skin Gums CNS No tumor Table 2. Evolution of Burkitt's-type leukemias Failures CR Relapses Death in CR Lost Alive 10 12 (55%) 9 (CNS 3, bone marrow + CNS 4, bone marrow 2) 1 1 1 leukemia (five females and 17 males). The clinical symptoms (Table 1) show an unusual frequency of abdominal tumors and initial CNS involvement.

This type of localized radiation can also be used at a low level as an adjuvant therapy. In adenocarcinomas of uterine corpus the treatment is a total hysterectomy, which shows 15-20% local recurrence in the vaginal cavity. A dose of 50 Gy delivered post- or preoperatively at the upper half of the vaginal cavity decreases the risk of local recurrence to less than 3% [12]. In neurosarcomas of the limbs, there is a very high frequency of recurrence after surgery. By using an after-loading method at the time of surgery we delivered a high dose to the Recent Results in Cancer Research, Vol.

Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Chemotherapy, vol 2. American Society Microbiology, Washington, pp 1296-1298 27. Umezawa H, Aoyagi T, Suda H, Hamada M, Takeuchi T (1976) Bestatin, a new aminopeptidase B inhibitor produced by actinomycites. J Antibiot (Tokyo) 29: 97-99 28. Wile AG, Sparks FC, Morton DL (1977) Monitoring immunotherapy with bacillus Calmette Guerin by antibody titer. Cancer Res 37: 2251-2256 3. Markers of Minimal Residual Disease A. M. Neville Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5PX, United Kingdom Summary Current methods employing tumour markers to detect small amounts of residual disease are reviewed with respect to human germ cell, colorectal and breast neoplasms.

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