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Modern Kavunlu,formerlyBelkis. R. J. A. , TheBarringtonAtlas of the Greekand RomanWorld(Princeton: Princeton UniversityPress,2000), map 67, F2. 21. Matthews,"TheTaxLawof Palmyra:Evidencefor Economic History in a City of the RomanEast,"Journalof RomanStudies74 (1984): 157-80. 9). Pliny,NaturalHistory,vol. 4, bks. 12-16, trans. H. ed. :HarvardUniversityPress,1986). BelowI shall delve more deeplyinto the worldviewimplied here. It should be noted that the Latinadjectivefelixis most obviously translatedas "happy"but also carriesstrong connotations of wealth, as in the Pliny passagequoted.

D. 727 45 and 907. The earliestreferencesto Muslimmerchantsengagedin longdistancetradeoccur in an Omani text by Al-Rahildatedto the ninth century. The second merchant,Maymuin,lived in Basraand was relatedto two Ibadiimams. In additiontherearereferencesto a largenumberof artisansat Siraf,includingshipwrights,weavers,metalworkers, jewelers,andpotters. Thereare severalreferencesto small merchantswho traveledvast distances and tradedin a varietyof goods. D. araja's fatherandsituatedinsidethefortifications.

Dasor. D. A boat full of containers(bhandia-bhrta-vahitrasya)was charged 51 THE BEGINNINGS twelvesilvercoins, but if the containerswere for religiouspurposes,they were chargedonlyone anda quartersilvercoin. D. 64One of the three varieties mentioned includes Sindani indigo, Sindan/Sandanbeingidentifiedwith the Konkancoastof the subcontinent. The inscriptionalso refersto a tax on dyersof cloth,weavers,shoemakers,andretailershawkinggoods on foot. On the contrary,the rulersprovidedpatronageforseverallocalcults.

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