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And then by the emperors Hadrian, This growth in population was Caracalla and Diocletian. It became followed by ever-increasing trade. the capital of the province of The mid-4th millennium was the Corsica and remained so until the age of megalithic monuments Barbarian invasions in AD 455. (see p129), the most impressive In 100 BC, the Roman general ruins of ancient Corsica (see and consul Marius founded the pp38–9). During this period, colony of Mariana, just south the Corsicans traded mostly with of present-day Bastia.

When the Genoese arrived, they built the citadels of Calvi and Algajola, exploited the cork oak groves, and planted the olive trees that still surround the old stone villages. The small harbour at Meria, near Macinaggio, along the eastern coast of Cap Corse Maquis vegetation covering the cliffs of Cap Corse; in the background, the Tour de l’Osse 56 C O R S I C A A R E A B Y A R E A u N197 i rba ara ra ra co g L Mont e A Be Bel Belg A EGN EGNO GNO g A VI VI L’ A f M A ère a ana na T s D71 F D151 ALE AL entell D81 g d GR20 o 44 4m NCE For additional map symbols see back flap D147 B A S T I A oll re A N D T H E ca ag g gg 7 a R an 4 D80 M d de PI R RA A 3P RI 7 D80 Sa P t A y S MON ON ON OR NT w r B D82 t Stefano D82 SAN N1197 N193 Ét g d di ig ia D5 Casam Casam s L n N O R T H 57 58 Bastia C O R S I C A A R E A B Y A R E A 1 With its colourful houses overlooking the sea, Bastia is the second-largest city in Corsica and is considered its economic capital.

His intervention was a key factor in the Ligurian republic’s victory. anchors of the Pisan ships were impounded by the Genoese at the end of the battle. Considered a sort of war booty, they were on exhibit in Genoa as a sign of the city’s supremacy. Only in the 19th century were they given back to Pisa, where they hang under the loggia of the Camposanto. The cliffs of Meloria are about 7 km (4 miles) off the coast of Livorno, facing Corsica. Meloria was the scene of an earlier battle, in 1241, in which the Pisans, aided by the emperor Frederick II, defeated the Genoese.

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