By Carol Hamer

Useful Java ME video game initiatives with MIDP is or will be the 1st Java video games e-book for the newly up to date and now open resource Java Micro version (ME). and it'll be first and probably basically that covers all MIDP models 1-3. skilled video game developer and hacker, Carol Hamer, offers in a transparent, available writing and exposition with whole operating examples. on-line updates and discussions can be found via her famous web publication website. From a simple online game to expert video game tasks, this publication has what try to be a cellular Java video game developer (and player).

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Throws Exception if the display size is too * small to make a maze. */ public MazeCanvas(Display d) throws Exception { myDisplay = d; // a few calculations to make the right maze // for the current display. int width = getWidth(); int height = getHeight(); // tests indicate that 5 is a good default square size, // but the user can change it... mySquareSize = 5; myMinSquareSize = 3; myMaxGridWidth = width / myMinSquareSize; if((myMaxGridWidth & 0x1) == 0) { myMaxGridWidth -= 1; } myGridWidth = width / mySquareSize; // the grid width must be odd for the maze-generation // algorithm to work if((myGridWidth & 0x1) == 0) { myGridWidth -= 1; } myGridHeight = height / mySquareSize; // the grid height must be odd for the maze-generation // algorithm to work if((myGridHeight & 0x1) == 0) { myGridHeight -= 1; } 39 40 CHAPTER 2 ■ USING MIDLETS myMinGridWidth = 15; myMaxSquareSize = width / myMinGridWidth; if(myMaxSquareSize > height / myMinGridWidth) { myMaxSquareSize = height / myMinGridWidth; } // if the display is too small to make a reasonable maze, // then you throw an Exception if(myMaxSquareSize < mySquareSize) { throw(new Exception("Display too small")); } } /** * This is called as soon as the application begins.

DISMISS_ COMMAND. With the default dismiss command, when the user clicks the Done button, the previous Displayable becomes current (or another Displayable of your choice becomes current if you constructed the Alert with a Displayable as an argument). Therefore, it isn’t usually necessary to listen for the Alert’s dismiss command. DISMISS_COMMAND doesn’t exist. Second, if the screen is really the wrong size for the game, I’d like the game to end when the Alert is done rather than just going to another Displayable.

3 = the square will be white but is * not close enough to be appended to the maze this round. */ int[][] mySquares; //-------------------------------------------------------// maze generation methods /** * Create a new maze. */ public Grid(int width, int height) { mySquares = new int[width][height]; // initialize all the squares to white except a lattice // framework of black squares. =0)) { mySquares[i][j] = 1; } } } // the entrance to the maze is at (0,1). mySquares[0][1] = 1; createMaze(); } /** * This method randomly generates the maze.

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