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We do all of the males at first. You see, not many have shown up here seeking refugee. Most flee over the borders into Creeya. " "I am here because of my nieces. " "Understandable. I will leave you alone now. " Malthus turned his attention elsewhere as Tempest departed with Nikko. Three lycans, bare to the waist, in their transitional forms, dragged a tree into the compound and set to it with hammers and wedges once they had ascertained which way the grain lay. They split it into planks with swift efficiency.

All the better," replied Nikko. "You are welcome here so long as you obey our rules, and you may make a place for yourself among the others who have come seeking sanctuary. The homes and farms on clan land you enter only if invited. You hunt game only if invited. If the Sharani should have reason to pursue you to our borders we will kill you. We are law-abiding citizens of the occupied zone. The words framed in Malthus' thoughts with distaste. These stupid wolves. The young Queen Tomyrilen de Waejonan was beating the Sharani back at every turn and they still considered themselves citizens of the occupied zone.

There had been some words earlier, but they had not heard them clearly. "See, I told you Beth is finally getting some," Rory said. "I never thought fat, old Beth would ever get any," Hamish replied. "I doubt she's more'n a waystation to him. " Nikko asked, emerging from the darkness beneath the trees. He had been on his way home from counseling one of the human women in the compound. Hamish started to run, but Nikko was quicker and had him by the collar. Rory escaped, running for all that he was worth.

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