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Chapter 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Impaired Glucose legislation in outdated Age: the dimensions of the matter (pages 1–16): Paul Finucane and Phil Popplewell
Chapter 2 Pathophysiology of Diabetes within the aged (pages 17–23): Graydon S. Meneilly
Chapter three constructing the prognosis (pages 25–39): P. Jean Ho and John R. Turtle
Chapter four Screening and remedy innovations for Diabetes issues within the aged (pages 41–49): Lea Sorenson and Dennis ok. Yue
Chapter five Metabolic Decompensation (pages 52–66): Simon C. M. Croxson
Chapter 6 The Diabetic Foot (pages 67–87): Matthew J. younger and Andrew J. M. Boulton
Chapter 7 Erectile disorder (pages 89–102): Aaron Vinik and Donald Richardson
Chapter eight Mortality and its Predictors in sort 2 Diabetes (pages 103–117): M. Muggeo, G. Zoppini, E. Brun, E. Bonora and G. Verlato
Chapter nine visible Loss (pages 119–131): Amanda Butcher and Paul Dodson
Chapter 10 Hypoglycaemia (pages 133–152): Vincent McAulay and Brian M. Frier
Chapter eleven matters within the preliminary administration of sort 2 Diabetes (pages 154–164): Alan J. Sinclair
Chapter 12 Insulin treatment (pages 165–176): Tim Hendra
Chapter thirteen handling surgical procedure within the aged Diabetic sufferer (pages 177–185): Geoffrey Gill and Susan Benbow
Chapter 14 Metabolic chance elements and their therapy (pages 187–198): Hosam okay. Kamel and John E. Morley
Chapter 15 Drug remedy: present and rising brokers (pages 199–214): Joe M. Chehade and Arshag D. Mooradian
Chapter sixteen Rehabilitation (pages 215–227): Paul Finucane and Maria Crotty
Chapter 17 drawing close fundamental Care (pages 229–239): Klaas Reenders
Chapter 18 Diabetes in Care houses (pages 241–251): Alan J. Sinclair and Roger Gadsby
Chapter 19 smooth views and up to date Advances (pages 253–261): Christopher J. Turnbull and Alan J. Sinclair

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2001 John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 18 DIABETES IN OLD AGE bolic control (Paolisso et al 1993; Paolisso et al 1994a). Many elderly patients with diabetes are de®cient in magnesium and zinc, supplements of which improve their glucose metabolism (Paolisso et al 1994b; Song et al 1998). Although chromium de®ciency has been shown to cause abnormalities in glucose metabolism in animals and younger patients, there is no evidence that chromium supplements improve glucose tolerance in the elderly. In summary, there is increasing evidence to suggest that dietary abnormalities may contribute to the pathogenesis of diabetes in the elderly, and that dietary modi®cations may be of therapeutic bene®t.

Even in elderly identical twins discordant for Type 2 diabetes, the unaffected siblings clearly have evidence of abnormal glucose metabolism (Vaag et al 1995). late in life. Pathogenic mechanisms which contribute to the glucose intolerance of aging include alterations in glucose-induced insulin release and resistance to insulin-mediated glucose disposal. Early investigations suggested that glucose-induced insulin release was normal in the elderly. However, more recent studies enrolling large numbers of carefully characterized healthy young and old subjects have demonstrated de®nable alterations in glucose-induced insulin release in the aged (Iozzo et al 1999; Muller et al 1996).

Diabetes Care, 22, 112±18. Meneilly GS, Tildesley H, Elliott T, Palmer JP, Juneja R (2000) Signi®ciance of GAD positivity in elderly patients with diabetes. Diabetic Medicine, 17, 247±248. 23 Morris RD, Rimm AA (1991) Association of waist to hip ratio and family history with the prevalence of NIDDM among 25,272 adult, white females. American Journal of Public Health, 81, 507±509. Muller DC Elahi D, Tobin JD, Andres R (1996) The effect of age on insulin resistance and secretion: a review. Seminars in Nephrology, 16, 289±298.

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