By Jules Davidoff

Changes in visible Perception

summary: transformations in visible belief

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Now as Stromeyer and Mansfield (1970) say about one of their after-effects: The advantage of this process in non-artificial situations is no-wise obvious'. However, in general, as we shall see, these illusions are more than perceptual curiosities. 34 Differences in visual perception Apparent movement In 1830, Plateau invented what he called his eye deceiver or 'phenakistoscope' (see Fig. 18), to which we now attribute Stampfer's name of 'stroboscope', coined for an instrument of his own making in 1832.

It is not that something has altered in our perception of B: the movement ('pure' movement, as Wertheimer called it) seems to be something separate from Objects A and B. A does not turn into B; the effect is rather of a single object moving, though neither of the objects does move. In fact, not every observer easily obtains this effect of pure movement from only two point sources of light. The predominantly German experimenters who investigated the apparent movement of objects in the early part of this century defined various types of movement; of these, 'alpha movement' and 'gamma movement' (Kenkel, 1913) conform most clearly to the after-effect type.

Indeed, many drugs if taken in sufficient quantity will affect perception. The striking point about LSD is the minute amounts which cause such pronounced changes. , 1963), though not in those who have been blind from birth. Here, the visual phenomena reported obviously bear no relationship to any external stimulus which is actually present; such hallucinations therefore fall beyond the limits of the classes of perceptual event we are considering. Generally, we are interested in the different manner in which two observers can perceive the outside world, rather than in any fabricated perception, even though no doubt this would vary between individuals.

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