By Heraclitus, Diogenes of Sinope

Translated from Greek by means of man Davenport

OK, here's one among his translations of Diogenes the Cynic (fragment 27):

When Plato acknowledged that if I ’d long past to the Sicilian courtroom as I
was invited, I wouldn’t have to wash lettuce for a dwelling, I
replied that if he washed lettuce for a residing he wouldn’t
have needed to visit the Sicilian court.

from the again of the text:

All the extant fragments of Herakleitos & a col­-
lection of Diogenes’ phrases from numerous sources
Herakleitos’ phrases, 2500 years outdated, often look
in English translated by means of philosophers as makeshift
clusters of nouns and verbs which could then be in­-
spected at size. right here they are translated into
plain English and allowed to face bare and un­-
chaperoned of their local archaic Mediterranean
The functional phrases of the Athenian road phi­-
losopher Diogenes have by no means prior to been ex­-
tracted from the apochryphal anecdotes within which
they have come down to us. They are addressed
to humanity at huge, and are as sharp & pertinent
today as while they have been well known through Alexander
the nice and Saint Paul.

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Sample text

68. Y ou can no more improve yourself b y sacrificing at the altar than you can correct your grammar. 69. W e are more curious about the meaning o f dreams than about things we see when awake. 70. Pilfering Treasury property is particulary dangerous: big thieves are ruthless in punishing little thieves. 5° • 7i • It is not for charity but m y salary that I beg in the streets. 72 . Had to lift its skirt to see whether man or woman had stopped me to talk philosophy. •73 • I pissed on the man who called me a dog.

112. Joints are and are not parts of the body. T h e y cooperate through opposition, and make a harmony of separate forces. Wholeness arises from distinct particulars; distinct partic­ ulars occur in wholeness. 1 13 . T o live is to die, to be awake is to sleep, to be young is to be old, for the one flows into the other, and the process is capa­ ble of being reversed. 114. Hesiod, so wise a teacher, did not see that night and day are the same. 115 . A bow is alive only when it kills. 3° . 116 .

Teach them to ride a horse, to shoot a true bow, to master the slingshot and javelin. A t the gymnasium they should exercise only so much as gives them a good color and a trim body. Teach them to wait upon themselves at home, and to enjoy ordinary food, and to drink water rather than wine. Crop their hair close. N o ornaments. H ave them wear a thin smock, go barefoot, be silent, and never gaw k at people on the street. 56 . In the rich man’s house there is no place to spit but in his face. • 57 • T he luxurious have made frugality an affliction.

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