By Aaron Shepard

A church sexton, recognized for his wild stories, has 3 bizarre encounters with magical cats and cannot persuade Father Allen that they honestly occurred, till the priest's cat indicates an extreme curiosity.

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Melted butter was poured on the sacred fire as an offering. Rice was burned too. Finally Mohan untied the rope binding him to Kasturbai. He knew that the ties between them now were far stronger than rope. The room burst into noise as everyone offered their blessings. Kasturbai’s mother hugged her. Ba rose and limped a few steps, but Mohan pushed through the crowd to greet her. Ba congratulated him as if he were a man. Mohan took a deep breath. It was over. His stomach growled and Mohan looked toward the feast room.

He took a breath and began babbling again. “I cleaned up our room and lit incense in there for you. You can have the window side of the bed now. I can’t wait to . ” Instead, he finished the sentence with “. . ” “I have much to tell you, too,” Kasturbai said with a smile. ” Ba laughed as Mohan grabbed Kasturbai’s arm and led her into the Gandhi house. He left for school that day, full of joy and excitement. The joy didn’t last long. By afternoon, Kasturbai seemed to look at him as if he were a little boy now instead of as her husband.

Thwack! The teacher smacked the stick against a map hanging against a wall. All the boys jumped. “Here you are in India. ” Mr. Tuttle-Swain hit the map again. Thwack. Thwack! ” Again the pointer moved. Thwack! “Canada. ” The pointer moved on. “Thwack. ” Pause. Thwack. Thwack. “Australia. ” The list went on and on. With each slap of the pointer, Mohan felt smaller. “England’s navy rules the seas. ” Mohan thought quickly. Porbandar had only five thousand people. Perhaps Bapu wasn’t powerful after all?

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