By Milton Laikin

Any optical layout wishes a kick off point. This ebook is a smart resource for a place to begin and for studying a few of the designs.

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In 1968, I had an office in a computer facility and was then self-employed. Because all I had to do was turn in a data deck to the computer operator, I was able to submit many runs each day. Although my productivity increased, my computer bill also vastly increased. Now, with a personal computer at my desk, I can get in many more computer runs than I had previously dreamed as possible. Being older and wiser, I now see the value of carefully analyzing a computer run before submitting another one.

All optical specifications apply only within the clear aperture. 010) than the negative element. The smaller crown lens can then be moved during the cementing process to assure centration. The lens assembly is then located by the negative element. For this illustration, both elements were made the same diameter. Several points should be made concerning lens drawings: 1. All edges should have some break. This prevents chipping during manufacture and subsequent assembly. 2. Maximum deviation in minutes of arc is sometimes given, or minutes of arc maximum wedge.

ANTIREFLECTION FILMS For light striking at normal incidence on an uncoated surface, the reflectivity, R, is given by ! N0 KNS 2 ; RZ N0 C NS where light is in media N0 and is reflected from media of refractive index N1. 5, then RZ4%. Considering films whose optical thickness is l/4, then the reflectivity for a single film of index N1 on a substrate of Ns is h i N2 2 1K N1S RZh i ; N2 2 1 C N1S pffiffiffiffiffiffi which becomes zero when N1 Z NS . One of the earliest antireflection coatings was a single layer of l/4 optical thickness of magnesium fluoride.

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