By Andrea Bacciotti, Lionel Rosier

This publication offers a contemporary and self-contained remedy of the Liapunov procedure for balance research, within the framework of mathematical nonlinear regulate concept. a selected concentration is at the challenge of the life of Liapunov services (converse Liapunov theorems) and their regularity, whose curiosity is mainly stimulated via functions to automated keep watch over. Many contemporary ends up in this quarter were accumulated and provided in a scientific means. a few of them are given in prolonged, unified types and with new, less complicated proofs. within the second variation of this winning booklet numerous new sections have been additional and previous sections were superior, e.g., in regards to the Zubovs process, Liapunov services for discontinuous platforms and cascaded platforms. Many new examples, factors and figures have been extra making this ebook available and good readable for engineers in addition to mathematicians.

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