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2007 Michel Bisson # run the mailqueue /usr/sbin/sendmail -q Also make a cronjob that runs every now and then to flush the queue: ----------------------# run queue every 5 minutes */5 * * * * root test -x /usr/sbin/sendmail # && \ nice -n10 /usr/sbin/sendmail -q ----------------------That's it. Mail should now be queued until it can be delivered via your own mail server. ----------------------------------------------------------------For security, though, you don't want to let people log in to your OpenSSH server as you without a passphrase.

To achieve this, the deny rule must be declared first. delay_access 1 deny special_hosts delay_access 1 allow intranets This above examples are some of the most useful configurations I've found so far. x explains in more details the different possibilities. conf # DELAY POOL PARAMETERS (all require DELAY_POOLS compilation option) #--------------------------------------------------------------------# TAG: delay_pools # This represents the number of delay pools to be used. For example, # if you have one class 2 delay pool and one class 3 delays pool, you # have a total of 2 delay pools.

IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 23 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 23 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 22 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 22 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 20 ­j TOS ­­set­tos \ Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 20 ­j TOS ­­set­tos \ Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 21 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p udp ­­dport 53 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 53 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 25 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 110 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Normal­Service ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p icmp ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 5190 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 4000 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p udp ­­dport 4000 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 6666:6667 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 1214 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 6699 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 6700 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­dport 1412 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 1412 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Maximize­Throughput ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p udp ­­dport 4000:7000 ­j TOS \ ­­set­tos Minimize­Delay ${IPTABLES} ­t mangle ­A PREROUTING ­p tcp ­­sport 80 ­j TOS ­­set­tos Minimize­Cost ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ I have also put together a simple but quite effective QOS script which you may want to put into your /etc/ppp/ip-up script This script was put together from a number of other scripts I found on the internet.

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