By Claire Beyssade (auth.), Sylvain Pogodalla, Myriam Quatrini, Christian Retoré (eds.)

This ebook comprises chosen papers from the Colloquium in Honor of Alain Lecomte, held in Pauillac, France, in November 2007. the development used to be a part of the ANR venture "Prélude" (Towards Theoretical Pragmatics in line with Ludics and Continuation Theory), the court cases of which have been released in one other FoLLI-LNAI quantity (LNAI 6505) edited through Alain Lecomte and Samuel Tronçon. the chosen papers of this Festschrift quantity concentrate on the clinical parts during which Alain Lecomte has labored and to which he has contributed: formal linguistics, computational linguistics, good judgment, and cognition.

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The lexicon assigns lists of features to words and morphemes — possibly including the empty string. The grammatical functions merge and move construct and rearrange trees by eliminating matched pairs of features from the first positions of their respective lists. Throughout this paper, I will use A to denote the first feature on the feature list — the head or car, depending on your favorite progamming language — the and Bs to denote the rest of the features — the tail or crd. In addition, I will often differentiate among the different possibilities for A, using = A for the first element of a feature list which has the additional requirement that it has a selector feature.

Montague’s Semantic Theory and Transformational Syntax. PhD thesis, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1975) 16. : Quantification and Syntactic Theory. Reidel, Dordrecht (1983) 17. : Minimal recursion semantics: An introduction. Journal of Research on Language and Computation 3, 281–332 (2005) 18. : Simpler Syntax. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2005) 26 Unless one is willing to countenance new rule schemas which allow elements within co-stores to interact with other (rather than merely being stored and retrieved).

For example, in the following sentences (55) a. Anna and Bill read the same book. b. John hit and killed the same man. the interpretations of the NPs introduced by the same depend on the interpretations of the coordinate expressions Anna and Bill and hit and killed. Barker argues persuasively that such phenomena resist coherent analysis under familiar approaches to quantifer scope, and offers a type-logical analysis that makes 25 This analysis is broadly similar to Oehrle’s (1994) simulation of Montagovian ‘quantifying in’, except that on Oehrle’s approach, the β-reduction that effects the ‘lowering’ is in the concrete (rather than the abstract) syntax.

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