By Jerry M. Adams, Alan W. Harris, Wallace Y. Langdon, Carl A. Pinkert, Ralph L. Brinster (auth.), Professor Dr. Fritz Melchers, Michael Potter M.D. (eds.)

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Cancer Neutron Capture Therapy

There are various human cancers which actively synthesize particular attribute proteins akin to melanomas, thyroid melanoma and squamous phone carcinoma. Many melanoma researchers have after all attempted to make use of this particular task as a key for the selective remedy of cancers. long ago for instance, the molecular hybrid compound of DOPA, a substrate of melanin, and nitrogen mustard N-oxide hydrochloride, a ctyotoxic anti-tumor drug, used to be synthesized as Melphalan and used to regard malignant cancer.

Testicular Cancer and Other Tumors of the Genitourinary Tract

The court cases of this quantity symbolize a list of a gathering within the Ettore Majorana middle in Erice, Sicily from 16-24 July, 1983. This used to be the 5th process the overseas institution of Urology and Nephrology, the fourth in a sequence of conferences dedicated to diverse features of Urological Oncology.

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EMBO J 4:1441-1447 Rapid Induction of Plasmacytomas in Mice by Pristane and a Murine Recombinant Retrovirus Containing an Avian v-myc and a Defective raj Oncogene M. Potter, J. wax 1 , E. Mushinski, s. ~rust, M. Babonits2, F. Wiener2, J. F. Mushinski, D. Mezebish, H. Skur1a, u. Rapp 3, and H. C. Morse, 1114 Plasma cell tumors can be induced in genetically susceptible BALB/cAn mice by the intraperitoneal injection of various kinds of mineral (paraffin) oils or available components of these oils.

Fifty two days after infection with the M~ SH Neo virus (minus Exon 1) eight mice with distended abdomens were shown to have rapidly proliferating neoplasms. Their Wrights-Giemsa stained ascites cells appeared morphologically to be a mixture of myeloid cells at various stages of differentiation. Large cells with a more mature phenotype had monocyte/macrophage characteristics with large vacuoles and a granulated cytoplasm. Additional mice subsequently developed the same type of tumor and as shown in Table 1, the overall fre4uency for this type of tumor was 64% (16 out of 25 mice injected with an average latency of 68 days).

Stanley, E. , Mark, D. F. (1985) Molecular cloning of a complemantary DNA encoding human macrophage-specific colony stimulating factor (CSF-1). Science ~: 291-296. Keath, E. , Caimi, P. , Cole, M. D. (1984) Fibroblast lines expressing activated c-myc oncogenes are tumorigenic in nude mice and syngeneic animals. Cell ~: 339-348. Klempnauer, K. , Gonda, T. , Bishop, J. M. (1982) Nucleotide sequence of the retroviral leukemia gene v-myb and its cellular progenitor c-myb: the architecture of a transduced oncogene.

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