By John Kleyn, Mary Bicknell

All experiments are correlated to Nester's Microbiology: A Human viewpoint, 4/e, yet can be utilized with any non-majors/allied future health microbiology textbook.

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A cell that has not formed spores or other resting stages. Objectives 1. To learn the Gram-stain procedure. 2. To learn to distinguish Gram-positive organisms from Gram-negative organisms. References Gerhardt, Philip, ed. Manual for general and molecular bacteriology. : American Society for Microbiology, 1999. McGonagle, Lee Anne. Procedures for diagnostic bacteriology. 7th ed. Seattle, WA: Department of Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington, 1992. Murray, Patrick et al. Manual of clinical microbiology.

Organisms that require vitamins or other growth factors are able to grow on it. EMB (Eosin Methylene Blue) Agar This is a selective medium permitting the growth of Gram-negative enteric rods and inhibiting the growth of Grampositive bacteria. In addition, the medium is also differential because it contains the sugar lactose. Organisms that can ferment lactose produce purple colonies and those that cannot, produce white or very light pink colonies. The colonies of E. coli, a lactose fermenter, are dark purple.

31 Kleyn−Bicknell: Microbiology Experiments: A Health Science Perspective, 4/e I. 2 Slide with three drops of water. Three different bacteria can be stained on one slide. Materials Cultures Bacillus subtilis or B. ____ 3. 4. Simple Stain 1. Clean a glass slide by rubbing it with slightly moistened cleansing powder such as Boraxo or Bon Ami. Rinse well and dry with a paper towel. Even new slides should be washed because sometimes they are covered with a protective coating. 2. Draw two or three circles with a waterproof pen or wax pencil on the underside of the slide.

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