By Peter L. Berger, Thomas Luckmann

Certainties of orientations are eroding, identities are being puzzled. The expanding pace of social improvement is giving upward push to such trends by way of altering everyday constructions and social certainties proven through the years. conventional wisdom -- that's handed on from one iteration to the following via the church, the country, faculties and households -- is turning into superseded at an accelerating velocity. the normal associations used for orientation are being supplemented by means of lately emerged ones. Conflicts among competing orientation are being supplemented through more recent ones. Conflicts among competing orientation at the provide part are resolved through the "market," and various self-definitions can be incompatible. practical elites are being known as upon to give a contribution their proportion to stabilizing society's destiny. potent orientation has to grasp the problem of reconciling separately significant innovations for all times and must haves as a fashion of holding social cohesion.
in line with Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann, the explanations for the fashionable crises of that means comprise prosesses of modernization, pluralism and -- in Europe specifically -- secularization. As a problem-solving procedure, the authors suggest a approach of intermediate associations to mediate among the person and society.

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It turned out that the hope tirat Catholicscould be loyal supportersof the Prussiancrorvnwaswell founded. g. Despitethis pos sibility the overalldeuelopmcntcngenders, aboveall, a greatdegree of insecurity;both in the orientationof individualactionsand the entiredirection of l;fe. Moralizationis an attemptto solveconcrcte cthical qucstionsthat appearin individualspheresof action. The nroralizationof professionalspheresdoeswithout a conrprehensive order of meaning. Iloth creatcthc conditionsin which peoplemanagetheir daily lives withouta comprehensive andshared nroralrty.

Lodividuals are thus frequently faced with thc question whether they should not have iived their lives in a completely different manner than they have hitherto. The 40 sanreprocessis, however, often exPeriencedas oPPressive(often by the sanrepeoplc) - as a pressureon individuals to repeatedlymake senscof the new and the unfamiliar in their realities. Thcre are pcople who withstand tllis pressure;thcre are some who evcn seem to rclish it. One might call thcnr v,rtuosos of pluralism. However, the najority of people feel insccure and lost in a confusing world full of possibilitiesof interpretation of l'hich some arc linked to al rernativewaysof life.

Put differently:the old value 38 '. Catego"anorrie' ries suchas 'alienation"and arc proposedto charäctcrize thc difficulty experienccd by peopletrying to find their way in the is modcrnworld. fhe weakness of suchcommonplaceconcePtions weakness is Their not that they exaggerate the crisisof meaning. Most peoplein these societiesdo not vander around likc charactersin a Kafha novel. It is importantto understand how they mänagcthis. We must cxaminemore closelythe signifi' cancefor the stock of meaningend the processthrough which meaningis lost, of the socialpsychologicalstatusof meaningand knowlcdgeastaken'forgranted.

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