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The Hopewell Culture built the first mounds, or simple rounded heaps of earth, on the edges of bluffs that overlooked the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. They lived near the mounds in small villages protected by wooden stockades. The Hopewell Culture gradually was replaced by the Mississippians, whose trading territory reached from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic coast. Word Definition Early Indians WAMPUM: beads, pierced and strung, used by Indians as money, or for ornaments or ceremonies.

Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. S. faced a national crisis in 1818 when Missouri applied for statehood. The balance of power in Congress between free and slave states would be upset if Missouri entered the Union as a slave state. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 solved the problem. Missouri could enter as a slave state if Maine entered as a free state at the same time. Slavery was also prohibited north of Slaves and latitude 36°31’, Slavery Missouri’s southern border, so that other states formed from the Louisiana Territory would maintain the balance.

Perhaps you can start your own list! LARGER TOWNS: St. Louis Kansas City Springfield Independence St. Joseph Columbia Florissant University City Cities & Towns OTHER TOWNS: Advance Black Jack Buffalo Crane Doolittle Liberty Licking It was Peculiar for Peculiar the Buffalo to try to Advance in his quest for Liberty! 33 Transportation Major Interstate Highways I-70, I-35, I-29, I-44, I-55, I-57 Missouri has 121,787 miles (195, 992 kilometers) of public highways. Transportation Railroads Nine of the nation’s largest railways serve Missouri.

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