By Ching-Fuh Lin

Optical elements for Communications is an incomparable publication that offers the reader with an knowing of a hugely technical topic in a fashion that's either academically sound and straightforward to learn. Readers with a basic knowing of physics from an undergraduate measure will locate Dr. Lin's clarification of the rules of quantum physics and optics during this booklet effortless to know. This publication can be unprecedented in its skill to span an issue from the very summary, basic ideas of operations to the very particular genuine international functions of the expertise.

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53 53 obtain sufficient gain to overcome loss. The laser cavity is usually formed using mirrors. 2-8 shows the schematic of a laser system. amplitication Material for light amplification ° :,0 .. ~ . ~-~ .. , ..... :' c"" ° 0 muror mIrror mlrror mtrror -Excitation ·Excitation system (1) gain material for Figure 2-8. Schematic of a laser system. It consists of three major parts: (I) light amplification; (2) cavity formed by mirrors; (3) excitation system to maintain the gain material in population inversion.

Illustrauun IIIustrauun Ul UI n;ue;;wun n;uc;;wun anu anu re;;trawun rc;;lrawun for for (a)e. (a)e l << ec, (b) (b) e. el == ec, (c) (c) e. > > ec ·. 7 Brewster Brewster Angle Angle Figs. Figs. 1-7 1-7 (a) (a) and and (b) (b) also also show show that that at at aa certain certain angle, angle, the the reflection reflection isis zero zero for for TM TM polarization. polarization. This This angle angle isis called called Brewster Brewster angle, angle, which which can can be be calculated calculated from from Eq.

A better approach to use in analyzing the properties of an optical fiber is to consider light acting as wave. In wave-based analysis, Maxwell's equations must be solved. Matching the core-cladding boundary conditions for electric and magnetic fields, guiding modes can be obtained. Due to the complicated mathematical procedures, the derivation is not shown here. In general, some fibers have only one guiding mode. These are called single-mode fibers. Multi-mode fibers have multiple guiding modes.

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