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Heidegger and Marcuse: The Catastrophe and Redemption of History

This brief e-book contrasts the philosophies of expertise of Heidegger and Marcuse, certainly one of Heidegger's celebrity students, and relates their paintings to modern expertise reports. Feenberg units out the historic and theoretical historical past of the talk, then discusses every one philosopher's concept in flip, and ends with a huge research of the consequences for modern know-how reports.

Die physikalischen und chemischen Grundlagen der Glasfabrikation

Die Wissenschaft yom Glase ist infolge der Anwendung neuer physi kalischer Auffassungen und Methoden derart in Breite und Tiefe an geschwollen, daB es dem Ingenieur und dem Studenten immer schwie riger wird, die wissenschaftlichen Fundamente zu iibersehen. Es ist Zweck dieses Buches, den Zusammenhang zwischen der Grundlagen forschung einerseits und der Glaschemie und der Technologie anderer seits wieder herzustellen.

Elements of Psychoanalysis

A dialogue of categorising the ideational context and emotional event which may happen in a psychoanalytic interview. The textual content goals to extend the reader's realizing of cognition and its scientific ramifications.

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On the other hand, in winter the Λ and solar altitude curves have much the same shape, and the maxima attained are sharply dependent on latitude. 5 and i = 2, these two factors cancel, whereupon a t ζ — 0 this equation reduces to Λ = io\T ax, and even a t ζ — 20°, Λ is within a few per cent of J 0xT ax. Since most of the ozone responsible for T ax is in the upper atmosphere, this means, if these values of g and i are correct, 0600 0800 1000 1200 Ρ 1400 1600 1800 ST F I G . 1 3 . R a t e of change in actinic irradiance in t h e lower a t m o s p h e r e .

7 in the ultraviolet. Addition of w a t e r vapor does n o t affect t h e yield in the visible b u t increases t h a t in t h e ultraviolet t o 4 . OZONE τ ι 49 1 — ι 1 — ι — ι — ι — ι 5000 5500 6000 6500 1 — ι η 7000 7500 F I G . 2 0 . A b s o r p t i o n of visible solar radiation b y o z o n e in the lower a t m o s p h e r e . values as high as 130. Chain reactions, longer in the presence of water vapor, are thus indicated in the ultraviolet, but not in the visible. T o explain these observations, a p r i m a r y photodissociation of ozone by both visible and ultraviolet radiation has been proposed, with t h a t in the ultraviolet leading to more energetic products which are able to 3 2 , 1 9 0 3 8 1 4 03 ' ' Energetically, the only possible photodissociainitiate c h a i n s .

This means t h a t while the calculated life of a free and uninflu4 enced 0 2 OS^ ") molecule is some 7 sec, in air a t atmospheric pressure its life with respect to a return to the normal state m a y not be greater 5 - 4 t h a n 1 0 - to 1 0 sec. 175 150 125 ioo\ 1 50 25 0 0 1 2 Internucleor Distance, A 3 F I G . 1 8 . E l e c t r o n i c s t a t e s of t h e o x y g e n m o l e c u l e . P o t e n t i a l e n e r g y as a f u n c t i o n of internuclear distance for s t a t e s of the O 2 m o l e c u l e b e l o w 8 e v .

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